Man charged with threatening state official

August 10, 1999|By MARLO BARNHART

A Hagerstown man has been charged with threatening a bond commissioner at the Washington County District Court building in late July by saying, "someone's gonna get shot tonight," according to court records.

Gregory Alan Scurto Jr., 20, of 41 W. Bethel St., was charged Monday with one count of threatening a state official. He appeared before Judge Noel Spence for a bond review Tuesday.

Spence kept Scurto's bond at $7,500, noting that he was also being held on $12,500 for unrelated charges of burglary and several assault counts.

The July 21 incident began at 8:30 p.m. when Scurto attempted to enter the District Court building at 35 W. Washington St. where the bond commissioner's office is located.


Commissioner Heather Hose was on duty and recognized Scurto from previous encounters with him in her duties as a bond commissioner, court records said.

Hose earlier that evening had issued three arrest warrants for Scurto, court records said.

Alone in her office, Hose walked into the lobby where two employees of a nearby bail bondsman's office were standing, court records said.

Hose said she did that, hoping to better deal with any situation with Scurto while others were present, court records said.

Hose said he began arguing with her about his girlfriend lying about him and accused Scurto of lying, court records said.

Scurto kept repeating "someone's gonna get shot tonight," in a loud voice, according to allegations in court records.

Hose said Scurto either was making a fist with his left hand or was holding some kind of object under his shirt, causing her to feel intimidated and nervous, both because of his verbal threats and body language, court records said.

After he left the building at Hose's repeated urging, three witnesses said they heard him threaten to come back and "get" the commissioner later that night, court records alleged.

When Scurto was seen 15 minutes later in an alley across from District Court, the earlier witnesses called the Hagerstown City Police.

Officer John Kreigh was at the bond commissioner's office, and also saw Scurto in the area. Scurto was picked up on Summit Avenue a short time later.

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