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August 10, 1999

It's certainly summer. Time to spread out the newspaper, grab the paper towels, roll up your sleeves and eat crabs.

It requires a little effort, but the rewards are amazing.

But what's that yellow stuff? Should you eat it?

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It's fat, and it can be eaten, according to Beach-Net, an online guide to the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia shore resorts.

Beach-Net at, also has a step-by-step guide about how to eat crabs:

* First, snap off the two large claws at the body. Crack the claw shell with a mallet and pull meat from the claw.

* Next, remove the smaller legs, the "walking" legs. There will be some meat at the end of the joints.

* Pry the "apron" from the bottom and use your thumb to snap it off at the joint.

* Pull the body and top shell apart using both hands.


* With the body of the crab exposed, remove the face area, scrape off the gills and the fat - that's that yellow, mustardy stuff - in the center. Remember you can eat that, but DO NOT eat the gills.

* Break the body in half, then break each half again. Solid, white crabmeat will be exposed.

Enjoy being crabby.

- Kate Coleman, Staff Writer

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