Mail Call for 8/6

August 06, 1999

"If you need to recycle newspapers, why don't you call Maureen at Canine Cuttery at Washington Square at 301-733-0012 and she would be glad to take them off your hands."

"This is for the person who complained about all the birds in City Park. You people need to wake up and realize that those birds have just as much of a right to be anywhere they want as you do. God made them, just like you. If you want to shake their eggs up, so they won't hatch... what would you do if someone shook your eggs up?"

"If we are supposed to be conserving water in Hagerstown, why are we still cleaning the streets? We are not supposed to be watering our lawns to make them beautiful, but we are still cleaning the streets, does that make any sense?"

"This is George and on Friday of last week around 10 a.m. I was up at Weis Market coming out of there. This lady backs her car up right into me, then she left the scene of the accident. I proceeded to get out to see what she had done and she left, but I got her license number. If she would call me at my number, 301-223-8640, if she would call me and we could meet to compromise about this, I won't have to go to the police. If she doesn't call me within two days after she reads this in the paper, I will have to turn her over to the police."


"Could someone put the number for the Narcotics Task Force in the paper, so I can turn somebody in."

"I hope Mayor Bruchey and the City Council are reading this. I would like them to know that I work in the city of Hagerstown and it is a nightmare. I tried to drive down Locust Street and Mulberry Street. I had to drive through uncovered trenches that were three to four inches deep. I drove past several work sites with no flagmen and nobody to tell you where to go. I also, on my lunch hour, I tried to walk down Potomac Street and the sidewalk was closed in several places. They are digging rocks approximately three feet from the sidewalk in several places. It is a nightmare to be anywhere in Hagerstown. It is no wonder people don't come to Hagerstown. I don't blame them, If I didn't work in Hagerstown, I would never come to Hagerstown."

"If there are mandatory water restrictions, why don't they shut down the carwashes and the public pools?"

"I have been going to the carnivals and when they play Bingo, all the people who smoke there sit with the people don't smoke and the non-smokers cannot play Bingo because they are not used to the smoke. So please ask the people who smoke, not to smoke while playing Bingo."

"I would like to say that I had a great Sandwich over at Gracie's over in Funkstown. She has great sandwiches and soup, by the way I go over every evening for a great snowball. She just opened up and I would like to welcome her into the neighborhood."

"When I passed the old Keys Building, and I saw a little boy and girl about four or five years old, playing on top of the building. Nothing is being done, nobody knows who owns what. A lot of people are moving their businesses into Hagerstown and they are going to ride up the street and say; look burned up buildings and the mayor don't take care of anything. City council don't want to own up to the building, but the fire department put out the fire and now it is up to the city to destroy the property or fine the property owner a big fine before some kids get killed."

"We can't allow bikes to be banned from the sidewalks in Hagerstown. I have a six month old, a three year old and a five year old and we were at City Park and we got thrown out of there for having a little training wheel bikes. They told me to take them to the C & O Canal to ride them. It is ridiculous kids can't ride their bikes or play soccer ball in the parks, what is the park for, ducks? I thought it was for the people and the kids and we need to keep bikes legal on the sidewalks. Bike riding is not a crime, let us alone."

"I agree with the fire departments and the police should not be allowed to wash their vehicles either. We are supposed to be conserving water and washing the vehicles does not count."

"I would like to know how the City Council can only give $15,000 to the Community Free Clinic, for people who have no insurance and they can give $200,000 for an Ice Skating Rink. It is ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves. The Free Clinic does a lot of good for a lot of people. Glad I don't have to use it, but there are a lot of people that do need it and a lot of these people are hard working people that can't afford insurance. The commissioners should take a hard look at the priorities and get them straight."

"I want to wish my son Joseph Smith a very, very happy birthday and I wish him many, many more."

"I am calling about the quality of the sound on the 6 p.m. news on WHAG-TV, Is there anything they can do to have them speak up. The sound is terrible, you can't even hear what they are saying."

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