Mail Call for 8/2

August 02, 1999

"If you get a chance go to the Washington County Hospital and take a tour of the new fourth floor, it is absolutely gorgeous! Probably the prettiest thing you will ever see at that hospital. By the way, are all the floors going to be remodeled like that, if so, it will be worth going to the hospital for?"

"May God and all of our prayers be with those seven tenants who lost their homes at 59 W. Franklin St. I would also like to thank all the firefighters who fought that fire. They did a wonderful job. We need more firefighters like that. Please be with those who lost their homes, just remember that could be one of us."

"If you lost a 16-inch necklace in the Fountain Head Country Club parking lot on Saturday evening, July 24, or prior, please call me at 301-739-7198."

"I am getting irritated by the city police. Why haven't they done anything about all those unsightly yard sale signs? I am going to read an article that I clipped out of The Daily Mail three years ago. Here goes, 'Yard sale warning, nailing yard sale signs to utility poles is dangerous and illegal, according to Hagerstown City Police. Officers will visit sites advertised on such signs and inform residents that they are breaking the law, police said. Warning letters will be sent and if that doesn't work charges, will be filed for violating city code, police said.'"


"I would like to respond to the person who had the washer and dryer that was not in workable condition to give away and to the person who said nobody wanted anybody else's junk. Well there are people that collect old, used appliances, scrap them out and make a few extra dollars instead of trying to live off of the system."

"I would like to apologize to the woman driving the red car that I passed on Virginia Avenue on Thursday morning. I didn't want to be late for an appointment and I wasn't familiar with the address and I didn't want to be late. But do you realize that you were only going 20 mph at that time of morning, anybody would have passed you."

"To the people in Sharpsburg. If I was a kid in that town and wouldn't be allowed to ride my bike on the sidewalk, I would probably go crazy. Sharpsburg is definitely an old town and will eventually die out, if you know what I mean."

"Does anyone know where you can find rear sun deflectors for the rear of the car like they do for the front windows? If you do, please call Mail Call."

"I live in the Boonsboro area. Someone called in about the planes flying over and us not getting any rain. There has been rain all around us and it passes over us. The planes are what is causing it. They are up there. You can hear them up there real high."

"This is to the person who said she was glad that the president did everything he could for the JFK tragedy. The man deserved everything. What did the man deserve? I can't figure that out. Took him three times to pass the bar exam. He has a publishing company that is probably going to go under. He's not in politics and wasn't in the military, but had a military funeral. The only thing I see he had going for him is that he was the president's son, very good looking guy, and probably a very nice guy. It was very tragic. Airplanes crash everyday, but we do not hear hour after hour coverage about it. Can somebody please tell me what did he do that was so great?"

"To the person who wants to know how to keep an iron skillet from sticking. This isn't full proof, but it works most of the time. First you put it on the heat and let your pan get hot, then you put your shortening or oil and then whatever food you want. After you are finished cooking and wash your pan and dry it, put a thin layer of oil to keep the pan from rusting."

"How long is it going to take the taxpayers in Hagerstown to wise up on this bunch in City Hall who keep wasting our money and keep raising our taxes. First they build the ice rink after Frederick and Waynesboro built one. Then, they want to waste it on a Civil War museum. Frederick has one and now Harrisburg is going to build one. Get these people out of office, they are wasting our money."

"Does anybody know who to call about houses in your neighborhood that don't keep up their yards and have junk sitting around and looks like unhealthy conditions? Who do you call to give them a notice to clean it up? There are appliances and stuff sitting there. It is very aggravating to neighbors who try to keep their yards looking nice."

"I think the skating rink is nothing more than a place for the rich folks to bring their kids. If the government wants to waste money, then they should give it to the farmers."

"This is Hagerstown City Councilman Wally McClure reminding everybody that Northern Avenue will be closed to traffic completely until Thursday. So don't forget, it will be frustrating, but it is something that has to be done."

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