Keasey learns Aussie rules

August 01, 1999|By DAN SPEARS

Scott Keasey took the "work now, play later" axiom to an extreme over the past school year.

A $3,000 extreme.

But when an invitation to play for the Boston Red Sox International Scout Team on a two-week trip to Australia is the play, all the work is worth it.

"I'm just in awe of how I got picked," the recent North Hagerstown High School graduate said. "It came out of nowhere. ... It's definitely worth it. (The money) wasn't even an issue. I got a job around Thanksgiving, and it's all paid off and everything."

Now that all the work is done, Keasey's ready to play when the team leaves from Los Angeles for Sydney on Aug. 3.


He just doesn't quite know where he's going to be playing yet.

"I don't know how much of anything we're going to do," Keasey said. "I'd love for there to be time to do everything, check out everything there is to see. Nobody I know has been there. Nobody really has any idea what to tell me, it's just kinda figure it out for yourself."

He also doesn't know who he'll be playing with, either.

"The coaches called a few times to check up on me and give me some tidbits of information, but I haven't talked to any of the other players," Keasey said. "That'll add a little more excitement when I first get around everyone. I don't know if that's good or not, but it'll certainly make things more exciting.

"It'll be a chance to prove myself, and no one has any idea what I can do. That's the best thing."

The only thing Keasey does know he's doing is playing baseball. Right now, that's more than enough to keep him excited about everything.

"I just want to go have fun and get to play and meet new people and do some things I've never done before," Keasey said. "I want to make it leave a lasting memory."

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