Thumbs up, thumbs down

July 30, 1999

Thumbs up!To all the fire/rescue personnel, professional and volunteer, who kept this week's downtown Hagerstown fire from spreading to other properties. Thanks so much.

Thumbs up!To Thelma Mae Talbott, who recently retired after 38 years' service at the Washington County Free Library. More times than we can count, she's helped a citizen (or even a Herald-Mail staffer) track down an elusive fact.

Thumbs up!To Richard Kreitz of Cascade, Md., who rescued and restored the painted bulldog mascot from the soon-to-be demolished East Junior High School in Waynesboro, Pa. Thanks.

Thumbs down!To those members of Congress who've decided, in the middle of a widespread drought, than now is the time to rescind the rules mandating toilets that use less water and save homeowners $50 a year on water bills.


Thumbs up!To Susan Brall and Waynesboro's Area Human Services Council, for running a Back-to-School Drive, to make sure kids begin school with adequate supplies and decent clothes.

Thumbs up!To Harry Grandinett, owner of Harry's House of Brues, for making a valiant (but unsuccessful) effort to bring blues music to downtown Hagerstown. Grandinett, who's a big downtown booster, still has a downtown coffee shop.

Thumbs up!To the Washington County Commissioners, for donating $15,000 from a contingency fund to help the Community Free Clinic stay open until September. All right, who's next?

Thumbs down!To Hagerstown City Council, for deciding to fine property owners who don't remove graffiti from their buildings promptly. There's got be a way to fight this scourge without making criminals out of the victims.

Thumbs up!To the Maryland HotSpot Communities Initiative, for holding an anti-drug march through the HotSpots area July 24. To combat drugs, the neighborhood must come together.

Thumbs up!To the Maryland Budget and Tax Policy Institute, for its study saying that Maryland is not a high-tax state. If people want an income tax cut, the study makes it clear that other levies, like the property tax or the sales tax, will have to be raised.

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