Mail Call

July 22, 1999

"To the person who called in about the high prices of drugs. I just checked the pharmacies about the drug, Diltiazem, 120 mg in tablet form. It ranges in price from $39 to $99 for 90 tablets. The price just went up, so now it is $107. This is the generic drug for Cardizem. Both companies that manufacture these drugs have patient assistance programs such as reimbursement, compassionate care to medical needs programs. Check the Internet for information and toll free numbers for these listings and a lot of other different ones."

"We would like to thank the people at Lakeside Park for their donations for the mobile home association and the neighborhood watch yard sale and raffle. A special thank you to the people who work so hard to make it a success."

"To the obnoxious person who put in the paper on July 19 about the lazy people who go to the Free Clinic and they should get a job like you. Let me tell you something, people who are disabled and on Social Security who have no other insurance than Medicare, don't have a choice after they pay the rent. If you go to the doctor, buy medicine or have one meal a day. You think you are high on the totem pole now, but wait until you end up on the bottom like a lot of us who are on Medicare, which is no good!"


"I am glad to know that some people in Hagerstown think that just because my husband and I work 40 hours or more a week were considered lazy just because we use the Community Free Clinic. Last year when my husband hurt himself, we did go to the hospital and as a result in that we had a $1,000 bill that we have to pay back. I am glad that the Community Free Clinic is set up."

"I am a volunteer at the Community Free Clinic, sometimes 10 hours a week. If anyone is interested in volunteering, they can call Robin at 301-733-9234 and she will give you all the information you need, tell you what hours we need the help, which is from day to night, what we do and don't need help with. I appreciate all the help we can get. We all need it. Thank you."

"This is for the person who called in about the poor people not needing the free clinic. Let me tell you something, that clinic is also used for people who work but can't afford insurance. I have insurance through my employer, but it doesn't cover dental or eye exams. I went to the clinic to see if they could help me and they couldn't because I had insurance, even though it doesn't cover eyes. Well, I am blind now in my one eye because I couldn't afford to go to the doctor to get my eyes corrected. I don't blame the clinic, they are great people there who give their time to help people who are less fortunate. It is people like you who make this world a tough place to live in. Not everyone is as fortunate as others and that doesn't mean that they don't try. Why don't you try by donating some money to the clinic? It might make you feel better knowing that you have helped someone less fortunate. Just remember you might need some of that help some day."

"Adjacent to the Pangborn Park there is a large 5- to 10-acre lot. It has not been cut and the thistle weed is blowing around so much that it is clogging up air conditioners, pools, etc. A local law states that a land owner only has to cut a lot back 10 feet from any dwelling. It has been done but there is still a snow storm of seed blowing off the large field. Does anyone know who to call to get the land owner to mow down the weeds? I understand that there is a state law, but I don't know who to call. Thank you from the many neighbors from the 700 block of Security Road."

"We would like to congratulate Joe and Mary Mae in their effort and wonderful success in getting their items needed for their clothing drive. Keep up the good work, Nancy."

"I am calling about the lady who works 40 hours a week and thinks that everybody is lazy that goes to the free clinic. Let's not waste our time talking about her, we know obviously she is stuck on herself and her, her, her is all we heard in that one. I would also like to thank the woman who said she works a full 40-hour week and would like to donate some time. That was very nice of her. I myself, if I could, would be happy to help. Give me the number and I will help. It is unreal about that lady who said, I work 40 hours a week and everyone around me is lazy but me. Well that is just not so, wake up!"

"Several weeks ago, we took friends of ours from West Virginia to the Redmen Club, there is a band called Country Seasons. They had such a large crowd and we enjoyed the band very much. We called the Redmen Club to see if they had any more bookings with that band and they didn't have any more in August or September. Does anyone out there know anything about the Country Seasons Band and where they will be playing in the surrounding area?"

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