Two file suit against Sheetz


Two Hagerstown residents have sued Sheetz Inc. of Baltimore, each alleging negligence because of a fall on liquid spilled at different stores, according to documents filed in Washington County Circuit Court.

In one case, Larrimore Bowen, of 92 Manor Drive, Apt. A3, Hagerstown, alleged he fell on a "clear pool of liquid which had been allowed to accumulate on Sheetz' floor," at the 301 E. Washington St. store Jan. 15.

Larrimore Bowen and his wife, Joyce E. Bowen, are asking to be awarded $25,000 for injuries and disrupted marital relations.

In his complaint filed June 4, Bowen said it was the company's responsibility to keep the store safe for foot traffic.

The company "failed to exercise reasonable care to prevent or warn Plaintiff (Bowen) of the hazardous condition of the wet floor," the complaint said.


Larrimore Bowen said he incurred medical expenses and lost time and wages from his job because of the fall.

Bowen said his wife is physically handicapped and housebound. As a result of his injuries, he has been unable to complete housework and cook meals as he had previously, court records said.

There is no listing in the Washington County phone book for Larrimore Bowen or his wife, Joyce.

Sheetz attorney William D. Foote Jr., Rockville, Md., refused to comment on current cases Monday.

A second suit against Sheetz Inc. was filed in February by Brenda and Nick Vindivich of 17825 Woodcrest Road.

The couple alleges in the suit that Brenda Vindivich slipped and fell on spilled liquids at the 16420 National Pike Sheetz store on Feb. 5, 1996.

The Vindiviches are claiming permanent injuries to Brenda Vindivich's left knee and a disruption of marital relations as a result of the company's alleged negligence, court records show.

They are asking to be awarded $800,000.

The couple did not return phone messages.

In a response filed in April, Foote wrote that Brenda Vindivich, not the company, was responsible for her injuries.

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