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Letters to the Editor

July 21, 1999

County forced bridge issue

To the editor:

We are writing to speak out on what we feel to be a great injustice regarding the Park Hall Road Bridge controversy.

We have had the privilege of being neighbors of the Rohrers for the past 12 years, owning the property between them. We have found the Rohrers to be very friendly, caring and hard-working people, and we have a problem with how they are being portrayed in print. The Rohrers love and farm their land, plus Jerry holds down a full-time job. Where would we be without people like the Rohrers who farm their land and provide us with the many resources that we take for granted on a daily basis?

We thank God for the Rohrers and those like the Rohrers, who devote their lives to farming their land.

 Those of you who are blaming your inconvenience on the landowners should maybe step back and take another look at the situation. The Rohrers and Tom Berry did not take the bridge down without notice. The county did this. If any motives are, as Meredith Fouche wrote, "cloudy," we would say it would be those of county officials. Their actions were both premature and presumptuous.  Why remove the bridge before the land purchase issue had been resolved?  What could have been their intent? 


Could it possibly have been to put pressure on the landowners to sell their land by causing contention among neighbors? As neighbors, do we have the right to expect the Rohrers and Berry to sell their land? Absolutely not! Gary Rohrer wrote, "this isn't bureaucracy but sound pro-active design for a safer passage of vehicles." Hogwash! Forcing people to sell their land screams of bureaucracy! However, this is beside the point. If we call ourselves neighbors, shouldn't we be defending their right to fight the forced sale of their land?

Shouldn't we refrain from groaning at the inconvenience of driving a mere mile out of our way? The one-lane bridge was sufficient and only unsafe to those who drove too fast or recklessly. The landowners are all for replacing the bridge, they just oppose the forced sale of their land in order to build an unnecessary two-lane bridge.

Meredith Fouche also wrote, "the best solution of this situation is for the plans of the county to go forward." Easy words to say if it's not your land that the government is taking. Instead of condemning the actions of the Rohrers and Berry, let's put the blame where blame is due - the hasty actions of the county government - and then start supporting the rights of our neighbors to oppose the forced sale of their land.

Roger and Carol Brown

Park Hall Road


Tribute to George Seibert

To the editor:

I was sad to hear about the passing of George Seibert at 58. Seibert was a fine man. I met George Seibert back in the summer of 1991 when I had two brothers hurt in a tree accident; my brother Terry fell 25 feet from a tree and my brother Leroy cut his hand bad and had to get stitches.

George Seibert was the first one on the scene to help my family. When my father got colon cancer in April of 1997, he had nine operations and Seibert asked me three or four times how he was doing.

Besides my father, George Seibert is one of the finest men I have ever known. It was a honor to know him he was a fine man.

Charles W. Ernde Jr.


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