Mail Call for 7/20

July 20, 1999

"I am so disappointed to see that the Long Meadow movies are going up to $5. I used to like to go to the movies because it was so reasonable. Guess I will have to quit going, since I cannot afford these prices. It is a shame that they had to go hog wild when they raised them up to $5 and $7. Nothing good lasts for people on a fixed income."

"Could someone else tell me if they had this experience? I wanted to purchase tickets for the Roger Whitaker show at the Maryland Theatre, in November. They told me and also advertised in the paper that you could not get tickets and didn't go on sale until July 16, so I called on July 16 at 7:59 a.m. They open at 8 a.m. I asked for box seats and they said they did not have any. They didn't have any of the good seats, I called one minute before they opened and they didn't have any good seats left? Is there a preference here? Do the members or workers get first choice? I paid $40 to get a seat in the middle, which is OK because I love Roger Whitaker, but there should not be partiality. Anyone who calls first should get what they want. So I would like to know if anyone has had this experience?"


"I was just reading the readers' reaction to the Ten Commandments. It is amazing to me that these people claim to be Christians, but they don't have the nerve to stand up for what Christianity is all about. The Ten Commandments that God sent down for people to live by to treat each other decent. They won't stand up for it in school, or for the unborn babies. They have to go to church on Sundays and they walk out of that church thinking that they are Christians. I am not a Christian, but I would like know how these people claim to be Christians when they won't even stand up for their own Savior."

"I have my own well and septic tank that I use and I pay to maintain. Why should I be asked to pay for a sewer system that I do not use. How is that fair? Abuse the system and not the poor schmucks who happen to live near by."

"Hold the presses, hold the presses, call Peter Jennings, call ABC Sports. You mean there is more controversy at the Halfway and West End Little League game and it's not in National Little League? I think there is some misjustice here, I better go find out the facts."

"I like going to the library, but when you go to park in the handicapped spot, you can't park there very good because there is a planter there, directly in back of it. It is very dangerous there."

"I wish the three County Commissioners would please reconsider the situation with the Ten Commandments in front of the courthouse. We have 'In God We Trust' on money and sing songs with the word God in them. Should we stop having them also? It is about time that we put some of this religious stuff available. It doesn't shove it down people's throats, look at what our society has become. It serves to people who have survived a murder that justice will prevail. I think it is a shame that you can't have it there. It is on the money and what is the next step, removing it off the money?"

"Have you noticed how they have pushed Christmas? I used to say that they have Christmas in June, they are not far from there. We are having Christmas in July now. All kinds of movies and stuff, boy we just can't wait!"

"Here is a different slant on the Ten Commandments controversy. We keep referring to them as Christians. If I read my Bible right, the Ten Commandments were given to Moses. I didn't know that Moses was a Christian?"

"I would like to wish my twin daughters a happy third birthday. Kristin and Kelsey Hellman, Love, Mommy, Daddy and Michael."

"I am curious if anyone can answer something for me. I live inside the city limits and as a resident you have no choice, but you must pay for trash removal, which was just raised. Since I am already paying to use the dump, why do I have to pay another $50 for the dump as a homeowner? Why do I have to pay twice to use the dump when outside the city you only have to pay once? Why don't I get a dump sticker? If this money is supposed to going to the dump, then where is my dump sticker? You say it goes to pay for salaries, well that is not what the city says. They say that our tax money goes for trash pickup, but why are we paying for the dump fee? Where is my sticker? I guess I am going to have to use the side of the road, because I am not paying for the dump twice anymore. It is going to get awful nasty our here."

"To anyone who has information on who stole the tailgate off the Ford pickup truck on Mulberry Avenue on July 16. If you know who might have done it, we will make it worth your while. Call 301-745-4348."

"I just read in the newspaper where a fire truck in the city of Hagerstown went the wrong way on a one-way street and damaged a woman's car that was sitting in traffic. When is this practice going to stop? I realize that there are emergency situations, but I don't feel that there is ever a reason for any emergency vehicle to go up a one-way street the wrong way in the middle of traffic. I think someone needs to take a look at this. Where is the mayor of Hagerstown?"

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