Borough says it's ready for Y2K

July 19, 1999|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Residents of Chambersburg need not fear when the chimes ring midnight and usher in the year 2000, according to Assistant Borough Manager David Finch.

"The borough will enter the year 2000 with no major Y2K problems," Finch told the Borough Council Wednesday. He said borough departments have checked and double-checked computer systems to ensure they recognize the date instead of rolling back to 1900.

Finch said the borough began the process of making sure it was Y2K compliant in August 1998 and was finished by June 30. It began with departments reviewing and checking equipment, or having manufacturers examine the equipment.

The borough's Y2K Committee then rechecked systems to make sure nothing had been overlooked. Finch said the committee also checked with the borough's major suppliers, such as Allegheny Power, to make sure they are Y2K compliant.


Unlike other municipalities in Franklin County, Chambersburg has its own power system. The borough buys electricity from Allegheny Power but can also generate its own electricity in an emergency.

Finch said most of the vendors have given written assurances that they are ready for Y2K. Those vendors that have given verbal confirmation are expected to soon provide written proof, he said.

Problems are still possible, however.

"There are no guarantees that nothing will go wrong," Finch told the counsel. He said the borough is stockpiling some supplies in case of Y2K problems. Departments are also developing contingency plans, he said.

Borough Manager Eric Oyer said the borough continues to back up its computer records on a daily basis.

The Y2K Committee will meet again later this month and again in November to review all the preparations and contingency plans, he said.

In anticipation of possible public reaction to the approach of the millennium, Finch said the borough will be sending out flyers in utility bills later this year outlining its Y2K preparations.

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