Mail Call for 7/13

July 13, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I am concerned as to why the county residents that have septic tanks and wells have to pay for the water and sewage bill that Hagerstown has run up?"

"Hello, Mail Call. Just wanted to thank the elderly man that picked me up in front of J.C. Penney's last night when I fell down. He was thinner than I and older than I. I wish we had more men around like him. He's a lovely gentleman and I just want to thank him. I don't know who he was."


"This is to the woman who was at City Park recently and complained about the duck droppings. The problem will only get worse as the duck population increases. The people of Hagerstown and Washington County complained when the powers that be wanted to thin out the duck population. It is no pleasure to visit City Park, especially with a baby stroller and toddler - and trying to get around the droppings. Some of the ducks should be removed to another location and City Park will be a nice place to visit again."

"This is to the person that called in about wanting a good children's dentist, but wouldn't leave their phone number. Well, if they will leave their name and phone number, I can call them with an excellent area children's dentist. But I'm not going to leave my name and number."

"This is to the people that think the police beating the man that was already handcuffed on Mitchell Avenue was in the right. Tell me that the next time a cop gets shot."

"Good evening. To the Maryland General Assembly delegation, and Sen. Don Munson and Del. Bob McKee: I think you should talk and listen to what Commissioner Swartz says about the sales tax increase. This way everyone helps to fix the sewer and water problems without hurting each other. This means the city, the county and state officials all pull together and help to pay sewer and water. Just like I vote for Republicans and Democrats - the best person. A taxpayer."

"This is to the person who is looking for a pediatric dentist. I just took my daughter, who is 2, to a Dr. Joseph Comacho in Frederick on Thomas Johnson Drive. I think they might work with you. Their number is 1-301-682-3887. He's really great with kids."

"To the person who wanted to know about the dentist. I've been going to Drs. Byrd and Butler for nearly 10 years now, when it was only Dr. Byrd. They've always taken our payments. We don't have insurance either, but they've always been very good about payments. You may want to try them. And he's great with kids, too."

"I lost a large sum of money about two weeks ago. Possibly around the Interstate 81 flea market or somewhere around Hagerstown. It was rolled up with rubber bands around it and all I'm interested in is getting half of it back. My phone number is 301-582-2903. It was a very, very large amount. I don't know how you could put it in the paper for me. I don't want to put the amount - maybe not the amount of money - but it was over $6,000. I drew it from one bank to take it to another bank. And in a three-day period, I must have pulled it out of my pocket. I don't know how I lost it. Maybe you can put this in the paper for me. Appreciate it. My name is Bingaman."

"To the person looking for a good dentist that is good with children. I know of a good one in Jeffrey Pearlman. His office is on Crestwood Drive in Hagerstown and his number is 301-797-6950."

"Yes, to the person in Mail Call who said about safely trapping cats or kittens. I would just take treats and have a cage and watch it in your back yard or wherever they are and just lock it up when they get in there and take 'em out. And make sure you tell them not to put them to sleep right away."

"Scathing attack on Merle Elliott in Saturday's letters to the editor. But the writer doesn't even know the planning office does not issue permits."

"This is in response to a Mail Call regarding air conditioners and the rule of thumb of 10 to 12 degrees below the outside temperature. That is a rule of thumb. If you can't figure out how to set your own air conditioner, it's your fault. Basically, what the paper was saying is, when it's 80 degrees out, don't set it down to 45 degrees. Not that, when it's 120, you should only set it at 110 degrees. You shouldn't believe everything you read."

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