Mail Call for 7/12

July 12, 1999

"I just wanted to let everybody know that the picture on Friday, July 2, of the father and son on the front of The Daily Mail was super! We need more of those kinds of pictures. Then on July 6, that lovely little girl, Ashley Newcomer, who is collecting for the Community Free Clinic, that is another great picture. We enjoy something like that so much better than those sports pictures."

"We want to wish Jack Silvers, Jr. a happy 29th birthday on July 13. We love you. Mom, Jack, Michelle and Anthony."

"To the children who were looking for prescriptions payments for their parents. I suggest that you look in the mirror, that is where their help should come from. It is your job and it speaks of how they raised you. Your children are looking at you now."

"To the 15-year-old who saw the cops beating that man. I believe your story because I saw the same thing a few years ago."


"To the person interested in the purse being delivered to the guard booth at Pangborn, it is the safest place in the country. You can trust them, you can't trust the police."

"I was wondering if anyone has the recipe for Friendship bread. If so, could you print it in the paper."

"I wonder if someone knows a lawyer because I feel that I am being discriminated against because I smoke cigarettes. I don't think that it is fair that they are taxing cigarettes this high. Alcohol kills more people in a day than cigarettes do in a year."

"I don't work for the SPCA and I am not a pet advocate, I don't believe that pets should be left in a car, in the summer or winter. Let's put the human beings in there and see how they like it. I think that a $1,000 fine is not too much."

"This is to the boy on Mitchell Avenue. I also saw that beating of that guy. The police had him on the ground and beat him repeatedly. I think the residents of Washington County need to wake up and whoever the cop was should be fired."

"Regarding the person who took the purse to the guard booth, I think it was real decent. Some people would not have gone to that much trouble and you did the right thing."

"I have a wonderful tip. My sister just called from Waynesboro. She had to call the plumber, her drain was clogged, she was snapping beans and some of the tips got down the drain. I said why don't you put a half cup of soda and a half bottle of vinegar. She called back and she did what I said and it sucked it right down the garbage disposal. So, before you call the plumber try the soda and vinegar."

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