Letters to the Editor

July 09, 1999

Speak against immorality, IRS

To the editor:

Congratulations goes out to Pastor John Miller of Faith Christian Church for his bold stance in his letter to the editor. It is encouraging news to find a preacher who is sufficiently agitated by immorality affecting our society to the point of raising his voice in protest. Political correctness seems to have penetrated even the local pulpits.

Mr. Miller, do not lose your enthusiasm in standing against the evil influences that have engulfed us. Don't let a little "flack" from some dispel your indignation to the point of compromising your principles. This happened the last time I complimented a preacher for taking a stand. That was his first and last letter to the editor. He since sends me his church bulletins. (I could provide Mr. Silverman with plenty of bulletins for his family to see the Suns play.)

The atheists and agnostics take no time out in their attacks on people of faith. Witness the late letter in which the writer pokes fun at God and the Ten Commandments.


In addition to the stresses of contending with the immoral issues that bombard us, we find a new and deadly foe to be alerted to. The IRS is now busy trying to find excuses to revoke the tax exempt status of churches. They are looking for any word from the pulpit that they might interpret as guidance in resolving political issues: political correctness in the church.

As money is a prime mover in and out of the church community, we have another motivator to influence our decision to act or to remain silent.

What needs to be overcome is this sense of freedom derived from the mere existence of our constitution. Until now, our military has gone on foreign soil to protect our freedom. The concept of a "Trojan Horse" in our midst presents a new challenge to our courage and resolve. We cannot call on the military to defend us from such an inanimate enemy as the destructive force of evil scheming within our borders.

This presents a test of the will of we citizens to rise to the occasion or sink in despair. The choice is ours.

David E. Culler


Hagerstown's band and choral group are an inspiration

To the editor:

My wife and I attended the Hagerstown Municipal Band concert last Sunday, July Fourth, along with several hundred others. With the band augmented by the Hagerstown Choral Arts Choir, the Battle Hymn of the Republic was superbly performed. Along with those in attendance we enthusiastically applauded the presentation.

For some time I have wanted to congratulate the band and its director for displaying the talent, the vigor and the discipline shown week after week during the summer months. We have attended these programs for many years, never wanting to miss just one.

Why do we come? Essentially it is the love of great music that is well performed. We enjoy the variety of compositions and appreciate the announcement of each piece and the bit of comment about it. This alone is a significant educational experience. We have watched each participant as they play. They seem to really enjoy what they are doing. Yet they are amazingly competent and always precise in following director Lynn Lerew. Now that Lerew has directed for 25 years it would seem that the greater Hagerstown community should recognize this long surge of commitment by asserting its thanks at the highest possible level. For us, we indeed thank him, the band and the City of Hagerstown.

Richard G. Schmitt Jr.

Gaithersburg, Md.

Days, not years

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the recent article written by Greg Simmons titled "Paging Miss Maryland."

Although the article was enjoyable, there was inaccurate information printed. I am not serving 16 years in prison. I spent 16 days in prison before being transferred to the Baltimore pre-release unit for women, where I am presently housed. My sentence was three years, imposed by Judge Kennedy Boone.

Robin Harmon



The Wetumpka 4-H Club, which is helping raise funds for the family of the late Jordy Carper, is asking that donations be sent only to the following address:

Wetumpka 4-H Club Trust for Jordy Carper, c/o George Miller, trustee, at Jefferson Security Bank, P.O. Box 2809, Martinsburg, W.Va., 25402

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