Tombstone found in yard still unclaimed

July 08, 1999

A Myersville, Md., woman is still searching for someone to claim an 1800s tombstone her son found in the back yard of the house she rents out in Hagerstown.

Doris McDonnell said her son, Bryan, came across the tombstone last month when he was mowing the grass at the then-unoccupied house. She said she didn't want to get rid of it because she thought it might be valuable to someone.

McDonnell, who lives at 11570 Pleasant Walk Road, did not want to reveal the address of the Hagerstown house where the tombstone was found because it currently has no tenants.

"I just want to get (the tombstone) back where it belongs," she said. "I have no idea how it got there. It just appeared in the yard."


The name on the tombstone is George McNamee. He was born March 27, 1775, and died in April 1838. McDonnell said she couldn't make out the exact date of the death.

McDonnell said the tombstone also had a poem:

"The grave is on a favored spot

To saints that slept in Jesus blessed

For there the wicked trouble not

And there the weary are at rest."

The stone is gray but could have been white at one time, McDonnell said. It is probably made of granite and is about 24 inches long and 18 inches wide.

"Some of the words took a stretch of the imagination to get" because the tombstone is so worn, she said.

Anyone who thinks they may be related to the person whose name is on the tombstone or who knows where it belongs can call McDonnell at (301) 293-3048.

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