Mail Call for 7/6

July 06, 1999

"There is a snowball stand on Madison Avenue. They have flake ice."

"About the purse being taken to the guard booth at Pangborn Park. Why didn't they just call the lady if her driver's license was in there? She might not know that her purse is there, she probably don't read Mail Call, so why not call her?"

"I wanted to say that the people who were in the HMO are crying now, but they were getting something for nothing for a good while. I and a lot of other people were paying $5 to $120 a month for a Medi-Gap. We all know that a something for nothing doesn't last long."

"We would like to say congratulations to our grandson Christopher Guess, who attends Maugansville Elementary School for his perfect attendance and good grades. Keep up the good work, Christopher. Love you, Me Maw and Pappy Carter."


"Now that they are raising the amount to have your garbage collected in Hagerstown, I better not ever find my garbage half way down the block again or I will be complaining."

"I want to congratulate my grandson, Cody Henson, for making the All-Star team. We are very proud of you."

"We would like to congratulate our brothers, Jordan Fazenbaker and Craig Fazenbaker, on making the West End Little League All-Stars. Good luck, boys, we love you. Caitlin and Jenna."

"Congratulations to my granddaughter, Jodi Scott, for making the Distinguished Honor roll at Williamsport High School and Jamie Scott for making the dean's list at Hagerstown Community College. Love, Nanny and Pappy Stottlemyer."

"The police protection at Redland Brick Company is needed to protect the workers."

"This thing about the stadium. I think this is ridiculous. I think it should go to a vote. Not everyone in Hagerstown is a property owner who wants to pay a tax for the stadium. So let's put it to a vote."

"No more CareFirst Insurance? What are elderly people supposed to do? Starve or take medication, or just give up and die? People please respond, do something."

"I am very concerned about my elderly parents on a very low Social Security income. They will have to stop taking their medications if they want to eat and pay bills. Their medicines are very expensive. Please give medicine to elderly cheap or free. Anyone else in the same boat as I am?"

"It is July 4 and as I drive around town, I see very few American flags. Maybe Congress should make a bill to burn flags. As many of you who are against burning the flags, we don't see you hanging your flags out. Come on, people, if you don't hang your flags out, you should just burn them."

"In this extreme hot weather, please think about your pets and don't bring them along out into this hot, humid and unbearable weather. It is the dog days of summer, but that doesn't mean that you have to bring your dog along. Definitely don't leave it in your car. Outside the County Market, I saw a dog panting and left alone. Let's use our heads, when it gets this hot out, leave your pets at home. Imagine a dog with all that fur and how it would feel."

"I was wondering if someone could help me with a question. The government seems to be so hooked up on taxing cigarettes. Every time you turn around they are taxing the cigarettes. Why don't they tax the booze, or things that can do harm to people? Give the cigarettes a break. Let's find out what is going down."

"To the police officers, if you want to make some money, come out to Maugans Avenue close to Interstate 81. They get in the wrong lane trying to pass people going straight. They get in the right hand lane that is supposed to go into Burger King, but they pass on that side. There is going to be a big wreck there one of these days. So just sit there and watch. They will make some money."

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