Letters to the Editor

July 01, 1999

Maybe a reason

To the editor:

This isn't my problem, but I find the situation disturbing. It's about Michael Carneal, the boy who is accused of killing three of his classmates in West Paducah, Kentucky. I can't say I approve of what he did, but maybe he has more reason to feel that way than most people believe.

The May 31 edition of Time magazine reported that Carneal was called gay in his high school's newspaper. And amazingly enough, I have never heard anybody talk about this newspaper's behavior. Considering that he is, or was a private citizen at the time the paper came out.

Wouldn't that be libel? Or at least an invasion of privacy on the part of the school newspaper? No one seems bothered that the writer, or the editor, or the teacher, for that matter apparently had no idea what they were doing when they printed that in a school newspaper - mind you - a publication supposedly for everyone.


Sharon Brogunier


Stadium may be good idea after all

To the editor:

It is apparent to me that the County Commissioners and/or the City Council are steadfast in their desire to build a new baseball stadium for the Suns. I have written and voiced my opinion on this matter before. But since the Commissioners and/or council members have turned a deaf ear to the desire of the people, let's quit talking about it and build it.

Of the sites picked so far to build the stadium, the old Roundhouse location, with the idea of a train theme could make the new stadium as much a tourist attraction as a ball field. If properly designed to look like a roundhouse and display of railroad memorabelia including maybe a steam engine, some passenger cars, a caboose or two, this could be the talk of the entire East Coast.

As a professional designer, I have already pictured something that could make the people of Baltimore, with Camden Yards jealous.

There could also be a couple of soccer fields, a couple of tennis courts and maybe even a new "mini-park" where families could go for a picnic before going to a Suns game.  This sounds very appealing to me and I think it could be to some others who are against a new stadium if they would close their eyes and picture what it could be if done properly.

This new area could also be connected by a road to our absolutely beautiful City Park. Bicycle paths between the two and maybe a shuttle train from downtown could be built. The possibilities are endless and could be completed in steps.

The only problem that I can see is the location itself. My question for the City and County is: Will the grounds where the Roundhouse once stood pass an inspection for contamination by the Enviornmental Protection Agency? For some reason, I doubt it.

I have spoken out in my opposition to the new stadium, but when I stopped and thought of what it could be, I rethought my position.

After all, once the Cleveland Indians saw Camden Yards, they wanted, and got their own "old/new" stadium.

Just as the City of Baltimore spent millions rebuilding the Inner Harbour and turned it into a multi-million dollar tourist attraction, why can't our city and county have something unique?

Gary Fornwalt


Preach the word

To the editor:

Religion is an organized system of beliefs, rites and celebrations on a supernatural being.

Power: Belief pursued with devotion.

Christian: To be like Christ, who is a supernatural being.

I believe many people get religion and Christianity mixed up. There are people who have a religion and worship Satan, but he (Satan) is a supernatural spirit.

Many are preaching today, but the true word is falling on deaf ears. The book of John tells us not to believe every spirit, but try them because there are false prophets in the world. There is a spirit of antichrist and it's already in the world.

Instead of bickering and back-biting, the men and women who say they are ministers should be preaching the Gospel to the fullest. Ministers should be feeding their flocks on the sincere word of God and practice what they are preaching.

God will hold the ministers responsible for the flocks that are scattering because they are not being fed the whole word of God. Ministers should not compromise with anything contrary to the scriptures. They should announce that wrong is wrong and right is right.

If a person calls himself a minister he should be preaching the Word of God and not taking sides with evil things. Ministers should teach their congregations to love thy neighbor as thyself. Forgive those who trespass against us. They are not teaching to turn the other cheek.

When a person is born again of the spirit, their outlook on life should change, but many times it doesn't, and this is where our ministers should play their part and help those to sort out their lives.

The worst two things that ever came to Earth were religion and politics. They are both very confusing. So, ministers, teach your people to love one another as Christ does. Tell them to give up hatred, jealousy and revenge, and let God work out their lives so the world can be a better place to live in peace and comfort.

Rodney Welsh

Waynesboro, Pa.

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