Mail Call for 7/1

July 01, 1999

"I am calling in response to the person who was asking about the yard sale on Locust Street. It will be Saturday, July 3, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. On the corner of North Locust Street and Wayside Avenue. There will be all kinds of things, stop out to see them."

"As we all know, Maryland political icon William Donald Schaefer loved politics. We urge him to reconsider and run for mayor of Baltimore. As we all well know, he loves to be out there on the stump."

"Tim Rowland's editorial concerning a new stadium in Washington County leaves a lot to be desired. Mr. Rowland needs to check out his facts. His statement and I quote 'The Blue Jays do not own the Suns or help them financially in any meaningful way' is so far off and incorrect. The mentality of the editor here needs to be questioned. Yes, the Blue Jays pay the salary of all the players who play for the Suns. That is a very meaningful financial contribution, Mr. Rowland. Check out your facts before you write."


"A lady's purse was found a week or so ago on the Pangborn Park parking lot and was taken into the guard booth. Whoever you are please contact the guard booth at Pangborn to pick up your purse. It has your driver's license in it."

"This goes out to the cowards in Washington County who are intent on destroying these vehicles and property. These vehicles and the property cannot defend themselves. The car is just a piece of metal that just sits there. Why don't you confront the owner of the vehicle. Why do you act like cowards? It shows that you are not man enough to take care of your own. Don't attack the vehicle. It is defenseless. Come at the owner and that will make it even."

"I am calling in about Tim Rowland's column and I think that The Herald-Mail should make him apologize for the way he talked about the people who are opposed to the stadium. He called us liars, trash and he said that these people call into Mail Call three or four times and pretend to be different people. That is not right and I am insulted by that article. If The Herald-Mail condones this action, and doesn't make him apologize to us publicly, that means that they condone those kind of actions and that is a sad day in America."

"I am a Yankee fan and at the end of April my wife went to Crazy Charlie's Sports store on Dual Highway. She was trying to get me a birthday gift and they were low on Yankee stuff so they gave her a $25 gift certificate that is good for a year. The guy said that they were going to get stuff in. A couple of days ago we went out to use the gift certificate and there was a 'For Rent' sign in the window. I was wondering if anyone else knows about this situation and what we can do about the $25 gift certificate? I guess we are just going to have to eat that and learn from our experience."

"Can you please tell me where there is a snowball stand in Hagerstown?"

"This is for the volunteer at the information desk at Washington County Hospital who works in the evenings and makes visitation pleasant with her smile, attitude and her beautiful eyes. She is a super volunteer, they should all be like her. The lady who works with her is just as nice, they work great together. We need more like you two. Thanks and keep up the good work, you two girls."

"Mr. President or whoever it may concern. Please help the elderly, they are on limited income. They have to choose between medicine and food. Medicine is too expensive, does anyone agree? Call please."

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