Mail Call for 6/29

June 30, 1999

"If the County Commissioners and the City Council have the money for a Civil War movie and a Civil War museum, surely they have the money to complete the memorial of the Joint Veterans Council in Snook Park. Thank you very much."

"Who will do an end-run next? I'm speaking of the game of annexation. It's fascinating how all these developers, often holding municipal positions or hiring others who do, scurry around seeking to have their property annexed to a municipality to avoid Maryland's tough "change or mistake" rule. First, so-and-so slips his 40 acres through by having it annexed to Funkstown and instantly up-zoned to commercial. then, so-and-so slips through in a neighboring municipality, seeking a substantial upzoning. Then so-and-so slips his through in Keedysville, allowing density residential development where none could occur in the county. Then so-and-so slips his through in the central municipality in the county, backing up all those fumes onto unsuspecting cows and outraged residents to the rear of Emmert Road. Nobody appeared at the hearing since nobody knew about it as no postings or notification are required. Who will blind side us next?"


"Please don't drop kittens off at somebody's barn or farm. A lot of the time someone doesn't live there and they can't be taken care of. They get hit by cars, starve to death, or torn up by wild animals. It is just not a good idea. Take them to the SPCA."

"All those business executives, bank presidents, etc., who sat on the steering committee and claim Downsville Pike is the best location of the University of Maryland Campus, Who are they? Are they the same ones who moved a sports facility from downtown to the outskirts, leaving another empty building for Hagerstown to deal with? And why did the state pay them a half-million dollars to leave the center core when state development rules bar this (Smart Growth)? Are they the same people who sat on the Economic Development Commission in the late 1980s, beating the drums for the Conococheague PretreatmentPlant and driving the county deeply into debt? Merely to promote sprawl? Now, this is against the law, but then, it was foresightedness and 'vision.' You see, not one penny of this was for Hagerstown, only to foster development at the fringes. Too bad Glendening wasn't in office in the '80s for this all could have been avoided and the city could have programmed sewers suburb by suburb and in return annex them into the city to help pay for Hagerstown's social and physical deterioration problems downtown and in closed-in residential areas."

"I am wondering if anyone is interested in a large supply of clean wool rags, lots of colors, for rug hooking? If so, please call Mail Call and I will get in touch with you."

"Just wanted to say, as a lifelong resident of Washington County, I want the Suns to stay in Hagerstown and I support a new stadium. To the people who don't want the new stadium, you don't have to go to the games and they are not saying anything about the taxpayers having to fund the bills for this. So let's keep baseball in Hagerstown, it is a great sport."

"I hope whoever hit the little white spitz on Friday morning on U.S. 40 outside of Clear Spring is happy. That was a child's dog and it flipped its collar, nobody even stopped to see if it was OK. I hope you can sleep at night."

"Everyone is complaining about an increase of taxes for a new stadium, which I feel Hagerstown needs. Complain, complain, what is so absolutely amazing is that no one complained, not once, about each and every tax dollar that the Board of Education wastes and doesn't even provide our children with the proper education."

"Dr. Suess has suffered abuse, from the plain bellied snooch, whose letter was a screech."

"I want to say happy 15th birthday to Charlyssa."

"To the woman driving the gray Volvo station wagon on Sharpsburg Pike between 7 and 7:30 on Saturday, are you really so inconsiderate that you would think that you can drive your car between 40 and 50 mph and read a catalog. Obviously you must have two sets of eyes, because I or anyone else can't sit there and do your shopping and drive at the same time. There are deer on Sharpsburg Pike, it could easily have jumped out in front of you and your reaction time would not have been good enough. I can't believe you didn't run that biker off the road the way you were swerving in the lane."

"I was wondering if anyone had any information about the really good yard sale that they have every year around the fourth of July on North Locust Street? They have all kinds of adult clothes like men's suits, prom gowns, and other good things. If anyone knows if they are having this yard sale this year, please call into Mail Call."

"I am calling about the Letter to the Editor in Friday, June 25th's Daily Mail about the school system. The reason most parents are bad-mouthing the school system is because after having respect for them, they have had numerous problems. You are blessed and your children are blessed. Count your blessings because not all parents have been as fortunate as you. I am sorry, I would love to sit down and have a conversation with you, but please don't insult the public with this type of letter in the voice of the people."

"I am looking for someone to haul donations of clothes, toys, etc., out to Oglala, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as part of the humanitarian effort for the victims of a tornado that went through Oglala on June 4. For more information, call 301-665-9400 and ask for Mary Mae or Joe."

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