Mail Call for 6/28

June 28, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I hope that cameras are going up with these new traffic signals. There is a big problem with people running red lights, especially at the corner of East Franklin Street and North Mulberry Street. My father was parked up at the corner and a car ran the red light crashed into a van and then ran into the side of my father's parked car. A similar thing happened the night before at the corner of Dual Highway and South Cannon Avenue with someone making an illegal turn onto Cannon Avenue. I think someone should address this problem. It is a shame that you can't even park on a street without worrying about your vehicle getting crashed into. So please install these cameras that you talked about over a year ago. This is the worst street for people running red lights. Let's just say that there is never a dull moment on my street."


"I am calling about the Post Office closing in Halfway. I am very disappointed. It will be missed. Denise and Norma, the two girls that work in there are lovely people and they sure will be missed."

"I would like to know if there is a law against tooting your horn? If there is a law against blinking your lights, there should be one when you toot your horn. There is this elderly lady on a little country road, she toots when she goes up and she toots when she comes down. Why, we don't know, just to disturb us I think or let you know she is out on the road. I think this should be taken care of."

"This is to the guys that go downtown to prostitute. It is so embarrassing to the family. Why don't they just take their business out into the country to make their plans and do their thing? I think it is so disgusting and should be looked into."

"I would like to congratulate Kathy Ann Brady for making the dean's list at Hagerstown Community College. We knew you could do it and we are very proud of you."

"This is in response to beepers being taken into church. Some of us need to carry beepers with the jobs we do. We do put them on vibration if we need to, but they do need to be taken in because some of the nature of our jobs require us to do this. We have to have them with us."

"I would like to say congratulations to Coach Stoner for the Coach of the Year. You deserve it. Keep up the good work and we will see you next year."

"I would like to thank the gentleman who stopped in the Astro van and helped jump start my motorcycle on Sunday about 1 a.m. Without him I might have been sitting there a lot longer. Thanks a lot."

"I am calling in about the ice rink owing all that money for electricicty for so many months. If that would be me or you, after about a month, we would have our power cut off. Is that discrimination or what? Come on, what gives here? They let something go that long for them, but me and you, that pays for that, they cut it. Get real! Wake up, mayor and City Council!"

"At least Mayor Bruchey tried to help the city of Hagerstown by getting the University of Maryland in downtown. Del. Donoghue didn't do anything. He was on the committee and never suggested downtown as a good location and he voted against downtown. Del. Donoghue seems to be beholding to his buddies in Annapolis and has forgotten about this constituents."

"This is about the birds going on the warpath in Williamsport. On one recent morning a Williamsport woman let her little poodle dog out and then she heard something crying. She turned around and looked and the dog was lying in the grass shaking. She saw the birds darting at the dog and she ran out to get the dog and, what a surprise, they attacked her. I think they were trying to make a nest in her hair. She grabbed the dog and ran but while she was running she tripped over the flower garden's edging. She hurt her big toe, skinned her leg up and cut her hand. Now she can hardly walk. So don't come to Williamsport if you don't want to get hurt. Stay away from the chimney swallows."

"I would like to take swing lessons. I want to know if there is anybody locally who teaches them? Please let me know."

"What has happened to Black Rock? $10,000 for a marketing plan? That's ridiculous. It was always in great shape. That was the best advertising that could ever be done. In the last year, it has gone downhill. The condition of it is not good at all. Get the golf course back in shape and the play will follow."

"Are you living your life only for the now or in the light of eternity? This is a question I often ask myself. Have a good day and a wonderful forever."

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