Mail Call

June 24, 1999

"I am calling about the handicapped access to the Valley Mall. Unfortunately there is no automatic doors when you are trying to push someone in the entrance, who is in a wheelchair. This matter definitely needs to be corrected. When I called the mall office and asked to speak to someone, the manager wouldn't even have the courtesy to talk to me. He just told the girl in the office that they are considering it with the renovations but he didn't say that it would absolutely neccesity. I hope that it would be a neccesity, because if he would one time try to open the door and push a wheelchair in at the same time, he would have automatic doors that you can get in. I certainly hope that this matter is addressed."

"Congratulations to our 6-year-old granddaughter Brook Crocker for coming in first place on both of her skating competitions at Twin Pines this past weekend. Also for her great academic report card at Lincolnshire Elementary School. We are very proud of you and love you. Love, Granny and Pappy."


"I am for them putting up a new stadium, but not up there where the roundhouse was, my god that is like saying that you want to put the college down in the Baldwin House. Its going to be the same problem up there with the traffic, how are you going to get into it, it is not that far, but the traffic will be terrible. Put it out on the interstate where it belongs, where people will have access to it. Who's brainstorm was that anyhow?"

"I saw in the paper about the Royal BF Goodrich closing. After your read that piece in the paper, ask the people who are leaving on June 25 how they feel about the plant, and what they got out of all their years of experience there, it might be interesting."

"I would like to congratulate the Washington County Technical High School Class of 1999."

"I am calling to see if anyone knows what you can do with the pull-off tops of the soda cans. Is there any organizations that will take them? Please respond in Mail Call."

"Believe it or not I use Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil on my Hummingbird feeders. It keeps the bees, wasps and ants off of it. The Hummingbird's don't mind it. Good Luck."

"I am just calling to say that maybe you should screen a little more often to make sure that you are not getting some illegal information. For instance, you continue to publish calls that say flash your headlights to warn speeders to slow down past the radar. You are actually publishing and promoting something that is illegal. That is against the law in the state of Maryland. I called the Maryland State Police and they said that is comes under 'Hindering the duty of Police officer', by flashing your lights you are only slowing down the speeder temporarily until he goes past the radar and then he resumes his break-neck speed. So you shouldn't flash your lights, it is against the law, you are only warning those enraged maniacs that are driving over the speed limit. Let them get caught, if you are fined, they will slow down. If they get caught again, they will be off the road. Please don't flash your lights, it is against the law."

"The only people who approve of people flashing their lights are the ones that speed. So naturally they are going to want them to flash their lights. It is not going to do any good, because they are going to speed again. So, what you are saying, if I am going to rob a bank, I should have people sitting there to tell me when the police officer leaves, then it will be OK to rob the bank."

"I hope that Bill Bradley becomes our new president, I see that he is running and I hope that he becomes president. We need a good strong leader and he seems to have those skills and I hope that he wins when Mr. Clinton is finished his term."

"It is a shame that grown ups have to act so childish. They not only gave the citizens of Hagerstown a black eye and little league a bad name on National Television. Now they are saying that it is their property because they leased it. Well it is the citizens property and as long as it is a citizens property a man has the right to be on it."

"We the residents and shop keepers of the first block of E. Antietam St. would like to thank the mayor and the Hagerstown City Police for the great job they are doing in getting the drunks, drug addicts and the undesirable people off the street. Also in making Franklin St. a better place to live and work. Thank you."

"I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between a public defender or a regular lawyer? Go to court and sit for one day and you can tell who is paid and who is not."

"I was wondering if anyone knew where my husband and I could get assistance for paying medical bills? We both work and have three children, we do have insurance, but there is about $600 of bills that our insurance didn't cover. It is hard for us, because of struggling to pay the other bills. We make too much to apply for a medical card. Please leave some information in Mail Call."

"Congratulations to Kristen Berry of Fountain Rock Elementary for having perfect attendance from kindergarten through the fifth grade. I am very proud of you and your parents for a job well done, Thomas."

"This is concerning getting into the Suns game with a church bulletin on Sundays. It is not discrimination. If I go to the grocery store and don't have discount coupons, I do not get a discount on my groceries, therefore I don't understand why they are saying that this church bulletin is discrimination."

"I am calling about the neighbors, it pays not to get too close to neighbors because when they gossip, it gets around to other neighbors and then it starts trouble. I know because I have been there."

"I am calling about the neighbors that can't get along. We have lived in the neighborhood for almost three years and nobody likes us because we don't go to their house to gossip."

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