Harry's sandwiches to be offered

June 22, 1999

Harry's sandwichesphoto: RICHARD T. MEAGHER / staff photographer

Harry Grandinett, of Grandinetti's Round the Square and Harry's House of Brues, is not exactly making appetizers for "Ride for the Y," but the single-serving-size samples of his specialty sandwiches will work - wonderfully.

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He'll have MARBs - that's Mary Ann's Roast Beef.

The sandwich is a fresh, oven-baked baguette spread with rondel cheese, creamed cheese seasoned with garlic and herbs. Five ounces of roast beef are layered with braised onions and topped with lettuce, tomato and a touch of vinaigrette dressing.

Sweet Vidalia onions will be heated with sliced ham and topped with melted, smoked Colby cheese. The bread, a baguette, will be spread with Harry's chili mayonnaise - mayo mixed with chili powder and a little Cajun seasoning until bright red.


Grandinett was asked to participate in the Chums for Charity fund-raiser and thought it sounded like a nice event. "The Y does wonderful things," he says. He took advantage of several of its programs when his children were younger, he says.

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