Pro wrestler weds Internet pal

June 21, 1999

The By ERIN HEATH / Staff Writer

photo: MARLA BROSE / staff photographer

When Candy Suarez looks back on her wedding to her husband, Andres, she will remember the dress, the guests, the cake - and the ring.

Candy, 30, and Andres, 28, both of Hagerstown, got married in the ring at a professional wrestling match in Buckhannon, W.Va.

The two met through the Internet, when Candy found Andres' e-mail address on an Internet directory for Hagerstown and sent him a message.


After exchanging e-mail for days, Candy learned Andres was "The Latin Tornado," a professional wrestler with the National Wrestling League and the House of Pain Wrestling Federation in Hagerstown.

In January she went to one of his wrestling bouts and later revealed herself as his online friend.

"We've been together every single day since," she said.

After Andres, now a six-year veteran of professional wrestling, joined Mason-Dixon Wrestling in West Virginia, he decided he wanted to do something unique for their wedding.

"I knew of two marriages that have been done in the ring," he said. "But they didn't get married in their wrestling gear, so I wanted to make that part different."

When Candy found out Andres' plan, she said she supported the idea.

"I was all for it," she said. "Wrestling is his life."

Andres and Candy wed on June 12 at the National Guard Armory, with hundreds of Mason-Dixon fans in attendance. They got dressed in the locker rooms - Candy in a wedding gown and Andres in his wrestling uniform - and Candy was escorted down the aisle by "Big Evil" Jamie Harris, the Mason-Dixon heavyweight champion.

Candy then climbed into the ring, where she and Andres exchanged vows in front of a minister.

After the ceremony, the couple shared their wedding cake with the members of the audience while Andres geared up to enter the ring again, this time for a match with his rival, Bounty Hunter, the Mason-Dixon cruiserweight champion.

Andre said he won the match after Bounty Hunter was disqualified. He also won the Battle Royal, a match in which all of the wrestlers try to throw each other out of the ring. The last one to remain in the ring is declared the victor.

Candy said the experience was "very memorable. I think a lot of people will remember it. We have a guest book with over 200 signatures of people we don't even know."

Andres and Candy said although their families were supportive of the nontraditional wedding, the two will renew their vows on the Fourth of July in Mount Airy, Md., where Candy's parents live.

Among the guests at that ceremony will be Andres' and Candy's seven children, all from previous relationships: Ashley Mayne, 13; Amy Pettner, 10; Sabrina Suarez, 9; Brooke Pettner, 8; Sarai Suarez, 6; Andres Suarez III, 4; and Isaiah Beann, 1.

Later that month the newlyweds will take a honeymoon trip to Puerto Rico to visit Andres' relatives, who haven't seen him in three years and have not met his bride.

As for being married to a professional wrestler, Candy had one thing to say: "It's never boring."

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