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Thumbs up, thumbs down

June 18, 1999

Thumbs Up!To the students of Salem Avenue Elementary School, for raising $460 in two weeks to aid the Kosovo refugees. It's a humanitarian project and current events too.

Thumbs Up!To Todd Vogtman, a fifth-grade teacher at Williamsport Elementary School and Leigh Green, a Sixth gradeteacher at Springfield Middle School, for the work they did to win nomination for Sallie Mae First Class Teacher awards.

Thumbs Down!To Special Prosecutor Ken Starr, who says he has "no choice" but to keep investigating the Clintons. Yes, Ken, you do have a choice. Like the Serbian Army, you can admit defeat and retreat.

Thumbs Down!To the Washington County Commissioners, for refusing to buy a downtown Hagerstown building with its own 72-space parking deck for the bargain basement price of $635,000. You couldn't build the deck today for twice that price.


Thumbs Up!To Yvonne Hope and other Washington County historic preservationists, for reviving the county historical trust, to purchase and protect threatened historical buildings.

Thumbs Down!To Franklin County Judge John Walker, for telling woman convicted of shooting her ex-husband that if he was going to shoot someone, he'd use a gun bigger than a .22 calibre. We hope nobody treats that as advice.

Thumbs Up!To Kelly Hilton, a South Hagerstown High student who volunteers as as Emergency Medical Technician with the Williamsport Ambulance Service. It's hard work, but fun, she says.

Thumbs Down!To the Washington County Board of Education, for passing administrative raises without putting the subject on its agenda or discussing it in poublic. It's the perception that something sneaky is going on that hurts the board.

Thumbs Up!To the Hagerstown City Council, for their resolve that the next police chief hired needs to be able to unify the department and communicate with the media. Amen.

Thumbs Up!To Keith Herbert, Wil Sowers, Eric Guyton and Louie Ross, for the hard work that won them contracts to play professional baseball. What a dream come true: To play a game and get paid for it at the same time.

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