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Mail Call

June 16, 1999

"I would like to say thank you to all the nurses, nurse assistants and the entire staff at Fahrney-Keedy Nursing Home for their wonderful care that they give their residents there. You're the greatest!! Thank you."

"Does anybody know of anyone that buys newspapers for recycling? Please put a response in Mail Call."

"Anyone that found a long, stainless steel shoehorn around Robinwood, please get in touch with this number, 301-739-3653."

"I want to ask the mayor a question. He went down to clean up the 300 block of North Locust Street but we would like for him to come up and clean up the 600 block of West Washington Street. We have three apartment houses up here. The drug dealers up here make house calls and the drugs go back and forth all day and all night long. How about the mayor coming up here and cleaning this area up in the 600 block of West Washington Street?"


"This is regarding the dogs tied up in the sun around the Antietam area. Finally someone has the courage to go beyond themselves and speak up for the senseless animals. Yes, report the owners, get the name of the investigating officer for the SPCA and then follow up. Take pictures of the abused dog and keep on trying to force dog owners to use their brain and provide adequate shade and water in the heat for their animals. Do it now, those dogs are just cooking in the sun."

"In response to the crossing guard hugging and kissing the children in the middle of the street. She is a very nice lady, but there is a time and place for everything. When kids are out in the middle of the street getting their kisses and hugs, that is going a little too far. I disagree with some of the responses in the paper. I love children, I have grandchildren, children and I love them very much, but when we are on the way to work, why should we have to wait for five lights anyway, why should we have to wait for them to change again? Let her take them on the sidewalk and hug them, give them their donuts, like she always does. I was told that you are not supposed to do those things. Why is she any different than the rest of them?"

"I think that the next airport should be built in Hagerstown. I think that would be a great idea. It would save people time, rather than driving down the road. What do the rest of the people in this area think?"

"Last Thursday, at the Boonsboro Park, someone lost two rabies tags for their pets. Please call 301-432-2208. They can be returned by mail."

"Downtown is no place for a college. They took away the bus stop and the police station. That building is Sager's elephant and we inherited it."

"As school begins to let out, I think that there is a very curious irony going on in the system. Administrators and others are being given cell phones in case of situations. What about the teachers, where the situation is most likely to occur? We sit in a room with 20 or 30 kids and no phone lines. Doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?"

"In the wee hours of the morning, coming from out of town, within a block and a half of the police station, I saw eight prostitutes. Four of them had cars stopped. It is about time that we have a zero tolerance for prostitutes. Hagerstown is too small of a town to be controlled by prostitutes. A block and a half from the police station and they sit their and let this happen. Something has to be done about this very quickly."

"Congratulations to Mary Jordan, of Clear Spring, for passing her GED. Going to her graduation, making a beautiful speech. She is 42 years old and she decided to get her GED and I think it is wonderful and other people of this county should follow in her footsteps. Congratulations, Mary Jordan, we love you! Your friends always."

"Can somebody tell me the difference between a coffin and a casket? Someone asked me that question and I didn't know the answer, either. Could someone call and let me know."

"I'm trying to get in touch with a gentleman that bought a 1975 Ford pickup truck here in Maugansville back in April. I lost his phone number and his name. He is from Clear Spring or Funkstown, I don't know which. His last name starts with C and I think his first name is Bill. I was wondering if he could give me a call at 301-797-6914."

"Concerning the water and sewer rate increases in Smithsburg. OK, residents of Smithsburg, welcome to Washington County. By the way, Williamsport, you are next, just wait and see."

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