Fireworks on hold

June 15, 1999|By ANDREA ROWLAND

The Williamsport Mayor and Town Council on Monday delayed voting on a request to hold a fireworks display in Byron Memorial Park.

The Town Council agreed more information was needed before voting on the Williamsport Ambulance Service's request to host a fireworks display on July 16.

The Council will make a decision after learning who will operate the fireworks and where in the park the event will be held, Mayor John W. Slayman said.

The town must consider a liability waiver, he said.

Williamsport Mayor John W. Slayman honored two town citizens with Community Service Awards at the town meeting on Monday night.

Jeannie House, who owned and operated Jeanne's Restaurant on the town square for 53 years before retiring March 31, received the first award.


Town Historian Melvin Kaplan, 90, was honored for "all his dedication to the town," Slayman said.

Kaplan, who said he was "39 and holding," often conducts town tours for visitors, Slayman said.

He doesn't plan on quitting.

"I've got 10 more years to go yet," Kaplan said.

The head of the Washington County Housing Authority and a civil engineer on Monday updated the Williamsport Mayor and Town Council on the progress of a new $2.4 million senior housing community.

Richard B. Willson, executive director of the Housing Authority, and Hagerstown civil engineer Gerald A. Cump presented the final site plan for Springfield Manor.

Springfield Manor is a 36-unit expansion of housing for the elderly to be built on about five acres in Williamsport.

The final site plan contains a change regarding land owned by the town for a road to connect East Church Street and Byron Memorial Park.

The plan holds a "land trade" between the city and county because the original plat had the street on the town's strip of land in some places and not in others, Willson said.

The plan also had to be adjusted for the road to avoid wetland areas, Cump said.

At present, the town owns one strip of land on the property, Willson said. The town's easement will have to be adjusted to fit the new plans, he said.

The Town Council must approve the transfer of properties after the town's planning commission approves the revised subdivision plat, Town Attorney Edward L. Kuczynski said.

Willson said the housing authority hopes to have "positive news" on funding for the project by spring 2000.

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