Mail Call for 6/14

June 14, 1999

"I had Ruth Hyatt, the crossing guard that hugs all the kids in the street, cross me when I went to elementary school. I am now 25 years old and to this day she still hugs me every time I see her. She crossed me at the corner of Mulberry and East Washington Street while I walked to Bester Elementary and continued for many many many years after that. She is the most kind and loving woman I have ever met and I hope that my 5-year-old son will have the privilege to be crossed by her. So stop judging her just because she holds you up for a few seconds. Are you one of those parents that don't give your child love and affection at home and needs to be hugged by Ruth?"

"I am calling about the caller who complained about the crossing guard hugging kids. It only takes a second for her to hug them, and she does hug them on the sidewalk, but some of them don't get to before they get to cross. In my area, some of those kids don't get hugs at home. So that is the only affection that they get. I for one am glad that she is so kind and loving to do that. We need more people like her in the world. Keep up the good work, Hon, you are a wonderful crossing guard. Thanks for keeping our kids safe."


"The reason for the difference between the city and county on the proposed Mount Aetna Road townhouses is clear; city cases only go up to the early '70s. See any Hagerstown rezoning application for proof. It was only in the '70s that the counties were given a veto over city annexations to avoid incongruent development in growing Maryland suburbs. Both are right, depending on the time frame. The city is free to wait five years and zone as it pleases, but it will still have to put up with neighborhood opposition."

"I was coming out of the Red Lobster Restaurant Monday evening around 10 p.m. on June 7. I found a watch on the sidewalk and I was hoping that the person who lost it would check back with Red Lobster."

"I was wondering why at American Little League, when the sign says no bicycles or vehicles beyond this point, a pickup truck was allowed to pull into the driveway while there were T-ball players getting their drinks right after a game. A concerned parent."

"I surely hope that city and county officials will agree and take to heart and digest the fine editorial by Bob Maginnis in the Thursday evening paper relative to the Community Free Clinic. I think he really clarified things for a lot of people and it is something that we should be aware of."

"OK city fathers, let's look at this, if I didn't pay my electric bill, it would be cut off. So what makes the ice rink any better or any different?"

"Wake up Hagerstown, don't let the City Council stuff this university down our throat in this uptown building. You must realize that this is being partly engineered by an ex-mayor whose legacy is that he left us nothing but a green elephant. Please realize that we need our college on a beautiful campus."

"I cannot understand why they are closing the post office on Virginia Avenue? Please, postal officials, we need one here in Halfway. There is no place to park uptown. It is a long way to Williamsport just to buy a stamp. Realize our needs and help us with a new post office. We need one desperately."

"On Sunday, June 6, there was a bike ride for motorcyclists called "God Bless America Ride." It was to honor the veterans. They rode from Greencastle, Pa., to the VA Center in Martinsburg, W.Va. There were over 500 motorcycles, riders of all ages, men and women. There were American flags in honor of our country and veterans. They had a big picnic and music for the VA Center residents. They raised over $10,000 for them. I thought this was very patriotic and quite a sight to see, but not one word in the paper about this. I think this is a very good cause and this was their ninth year. Next year will be their 10th year and I hope they get some publicity."

"I am calling concerning the bridge taken away. I am very interested so I will try to get back to you. I can leave my number, too. My number is 301-739-3003."

"I can tell you exactly what Glendening's son will get for DUI. He will get nothing but a little bit of community service. My wife got caught 10 years ago for DUI. She barely had enough to put her there. She was talking to a friend and weaved a little bit. She got pulled over. She never had a blemish on her record for 30 years and she got a $500 fine and a year's probation. So let's see if the system is fair. I'm sure it's not. An honest person doesn't get ahead in this system."

"I want to tell you that there is a dog down at Antietam. It has been tied up in the sun all of these hot days with no shade. I'm not sure if he has any water or not but you can bet that if that dog doesn't have some shade that dog will be reported. I will do all I can to have those people put where they belong. Maybe they should be tied up in the sun."

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