Mail Call

June 11, 1999

"I am a 1991 graduate of South Hagerstown High School and I never heard anything about the five-year reunion that was supposed to be in 1996. I wonder if they are going to have our 10-year one in Y2K? If anyone knows this information yet, please call Mail Call."

"On the way to work on Wednesday morning there was a Maryland State Police trooper sitting with a radar in the little town of Potomac, Md. People were flashing their lights. I don't think people should do this. The troopers' job is hard enough. He is only out there to protect us. How would you like it if one of those speeders hit a kid of yours and killed him? Why don't you guys think a little bit? You guys would be the first ones to holler that there is never a cop around when you need them. You are so concerned about road rage, but yet you are encouraging it by warning them. Think before you flash your lights."


"Concerning the bathroom stall doors at South Hagerstown High School. There is nothing new about this, 20 years ago most of the stall doors at South High had no doors on them. What's the big deal?"

"I would like to say that on June 4 and June 5, the 24-hour period, there was the fourth annual relay for life and is the celebration of life in the fight against cancer. I am disappointed that there was not more publicity on the people involved in that and especially the teens and pre-teens. They slept in sleeping bags, pitched tents, spent the night and they walked in teams of two for a half hour. Then the next relay group took on. It was so nice to see the parents and the teens, pre-teens having such a nice time together. I really think that there should have been much more publicity. I know the picnic was publicized, which was on Sunday. The teams and the work they did was absolutely wonderful. I am a mother of one of the cancer survivors."

"I lost an umbrella table from Smithsburg to Cascade, this is June 9, and if anybody has found it, please call me because that was an elderly ladies table I got for her. My number is 301-241-3871."

"For anyone who is interested, South Hagerstown High School class of 1989 is having their 10- year reunion at Doub's Woods Park in the north pavilion. It is potluck. Children are welcome."

"Mount Aetna Road from Eastern Boulevard to the Dual Highway is atrocious. It needs to be repaved. The speed limit is only 25 mph which could be raised 5 or 10 mph. I always drive the speed limit, but I have people blowing their horns at me and riding right on my tail. I think the city should look into this situation before someone gets seriously hurt on that road."

"I am calling about the crossing guard hugging children in the middle of the street. I just want to say that maybe these children that she is hugging, maybe the parents don't show enough love and affection, at least there is somebody out there that care's about these children. Some of these parents don't."

"I was calling about the crossing guard giving hugs in the street. It is unbelievable in the same paper, it states why children are killing children. This lady is complaining, because apparently she has to be somewhere that is so important that she can't wait, I think the time limit on a hug is what, two seconds, she can't wait two seconds, while a child receives a hug, that children so truly deserve so many of them. What is wrong with hugs, a long time ago you used to hug everyone you saw on the street. People weren't in a hurry like they are now."

"I wonder why there was so much coverage on the Blue Fest, which I'm sure was a good thing? But there was little or no coverage on the Boonsboro Carnival and they have wonderful entertainment all week. That was for a worthy cause."

"O.K. you cops, who were supposed to crack down on these yard sale signs three years ago, let's get it together."

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