Man charged in sex abuse of stepdaughter

June 10, 1999

A 38-year-old Hagerstown man has been jailed on $40,000 bond, charged with impregnating his 15-year-old stepdaughter in a forced sexual encounter last winter.

The man, whose name is being withheld to protect his stepdaughter's identity, is charged with child abuse, two second-degree sex offenses, one count of second-degree assault and contributing to the condition of a child.

Washington County Sheriff's Department Investigator Kenny Barnhart said he was called to South Hagerstown High School Monday after the girl made the allegations to a school employee and the Department of Social Services sent a caseworker.

The girl said that between Feb. 20 and March 13, she was home with her stepfather and a sister while her mother and other siblings were out, court records said.


She said her stepfather pulled her into her bedroom and began touching her breasts. Although she kicked and fought him, he got her down on the floor where he had intercourse with her, according to allegations contained in court records.

She said she didn't tell her mother about the incident because her mother is pregnant by her stepfather and she was afraid her mother would blame her, court records said.

Only when she feared she was pregnant did she tell, court records said. The results of a home pregnancy test were confirmed Monday at the hospital, court records said.

Barnhart took the results of his investigation to the Washington County State's Attorney's office and charges were prepared.

The stepfather denied any sexual contact with his stepdaughter, court records said.

- Marlo Barnhart

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