Mail Call for 6/10

June 10, 1999

"I am a resident of the East End of town near Pony League Park. To the city, what happened to the walk bridge that went across Hamilton Creek? This stream is polluted and the children have to either walk through that mess or go out onto Jefferson Boulevard into the main line of traffic. Residents use that walk bridge to cross over to watch the Pony League games. That bridge has been there for almost 45 years and I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone or why the city would take that bridge out. Are they going to put a new one in there, because it is not safe for the children? I would like to have some input from the city of Hagerstown about this problem."

"I wonder if the people complaining about the students doing public service time are the parents of people who didn't get their time in? Whether we are doing it as students or doing it as community service, the purpose is all the same. To teach young people that there are people out there who need our help. We are in the same human condition and some of us can help others."


"I was at a grocery store a few weeks ago and a runaway cart dented my car really bad. The store said that they were not going to pay for it. I would like a phone number for the Maryland State Commission on Insurance, if that is the place I need. I don't know where to go from here."

"Last week there was a person who called in with a fact that Mr. and Mrs. William Clinton should be given the same punishment as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. I second the emotion. I recommend that if Tony Blair is as good as England can do, then they are right back to their old trick like trying to keep the United States under their thumb. I hope we remember the Constitution."

"I would like to know if anyone knows the address and the phone number of the Political Party, the Reformed Party, if so, please let it in Mail Call."

"I want to thank the lady who was at the Washington County Hospital yesterday who was waiting for her friend, for offering to bring me home. I had to wait two hours for my cab and when it finally came I never had the chance to thank her for offering. Thank you so much."

"I would like to wish Rosie Marie Smith, who lives at Potomac Towers, a happy 69th birthday on June 12. Your friend, Mary."

"This is to the person who called about the Police Department, I am not a police officer nor am I related to one. I think the police are doing a great job. Maybe the person that called in needs to know that loud music is a disturbance of the peace and there is a reason that they put a radio in every car."

"The SPCA is not a government agency, it is a nonprofit. The man who was told that the dog can run loose. That is not true. The SPCA did hear from them, but the dog is on a neighbor's property and they did have the neighbor's permission. If you are curious as to what is going on out at the SPCA, why don't you come out and see for yourself, or call and ask?"

"The picture on the front page of The Daily Mail on Tuesday, June 8, of the man watering Fountain Head Golf Course's 11th green is shameful. We should be conserving our precious water. I have a suggestion, why don't they create their watering needs from the same source that Whitetail creates its snow?"

"The governor's son and the DUI, refusing to take the breathalizer. He will probably get away with it because it is politics. He should have the same penalty as anyone else.That is not right."

"This is Stephanie, I am age 13 and my phone number is 301-766-9549. I am willing to look anywhere around the square area for jobs such as, pet walking, painting, lawn mowing, babysitting, house sitting or any kind of job like that."

"I would like to announce the formation of the Mail Call Citizens Review Board. If anybody gets pulled over for any reason by the police, please feel free to state your case in Mail Call. I would be happy to clear you."

"Reading in the paper where a person wants to know why it took three county workers to put a Blues Fest sign up, well why didn't you volunteer to put it up? It wouldn't have cost anything."

"Happy Anniversary to my husband Ron, I love you."

"It doesn't take three county workers to put up a Blues Fest sign, it takes three city workers to put up a Blues Fest sign. If you are going to pick on the county and city workers, at least know who you are talking about."

"This is in regard to the person who called in about the kids coming around selling magazines on a point system. I had that last year when I lived in the Halfway area and I sent them money and I felt skeptical about it, but I did receive magazines."

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