Mail Call

June 09, 1999

"Why do the two mayors, Bruchey and Sager, keep slamming the newspaper? How many factories does The Herald-Mail run? How much land do they develop? Come on now. Pick on someone who is responsible for what's happening in Hagerstown by bricks and mortar, closing down plants, shutting down intercity stores, building in the county and not in the city. How many houses does a reporter put up? How many buildings does an editor renovate? You can't blame the newspaper for your failures, Steve."

"Chill out Hagerstown, it is not the end of the world."

"All of our laws are as messed up as the people who made them. The law says that I can't put a sign up in my front yard, baby dolls for sale or Smith's Lawn Mowing, not one of these signs can be put up. Yet thousands of yard sale signs are up in Washington County, even on the pole's of the power lines. These signs have the address and who it belongs to, go after the people who put them up. Number one ask them to remove it. Number two give them a warning. Number three give them a fine. Number four keep a record of who puts them up. Gee, this would take a lot of money and time to enforce this law, wouldn't it. So why enforce the law saying that I can't put my for sale sign up in my yard?"


"I would like to wish my dad, Greg Smith a happy birthday. You're the greatest dad."

"Please pray for rain for our crops and our farmers."

"I am looking for tea cups for a little girl's fifth birthday. If anyone has any and would like to get rid of them, please call 301-582-0789."

"To the editor, there is too much violence in the United States today, there are too many kids today that are killing people for no reason. The kids do this for fun. We the people, need to stop this violence. We need to start loving these children and stop telling them that we don't care. The children today think that the parents don't care, but they do, this is why they keep killing. This is what we need to do about this violence in the United States. The gun holders need to have an age limit on when the children and the adults can buy guns. Violence will stop in the United States when the people do something about young kids with guns. We need to care more about kids who feel left out and help them whenever they need help. That is how we need to deal with the violence today, when someone asks for help, you give them help. This is what we need to talk about in our next meeting."

"The crime rate in Maryland has gone up. We the people must do something to change this. We must follow curfew and we must respect our parents, we must have a legal job and if we are not of age, we must go to school. This is something that we need to consider, because if we don't pay attention to it now, who knows what the future will look like."

"I am calling to say that the Rhett Atkins show at the Boonsboro Carnival was good. He plays for free. The show was from 9:30 and all the way up to 11:30 p.m. He played country, stone rock and rock and roll."

"It is very hot outside, at least we have the opportunity to go in the shade and get water. If you look out your window and see your dog tied to a chain, please bring them inside into the cool and give them water. If your neighbor has a dog tied up, with no water, please report them to the SPCA. You do not have to give your name, and they will investigate it. Please follow up and speak out for those who can't help themselves."

"I would like to thank the gentlemen who lives beside Paramount School, who left my daughter and her team mates who play softball, 10 or 12 year olds, last week some of the girls had to go to the bathroom really bad and there wasn't any porta potty there. So the gentlemen let them use his bathroom inside of his house. Thank you once again, that was very kind."

"Could someone let me know where Crawford Road is located?"

"About the bathroom stall doors being off the bathroom doors at South Hagerstown High School, I agree, the children have a right to privacy, I would want privacy and so should my children. If the boys or whoever rips them off, then they should be punished and they should be put back on immediately."

"I don't understand why the crossing guard has to hold up the traffic, in the middle of the street she hugs kids, maybe she likes them and that is good, but she should do that on the sidewalk not in the middle of the street holding up traffic."

"It's a shame when you have been a subscriber to the paper for years and you pick up your Sunday paper, the only picture they could find appropriate to put on the front page, was the one they had on there Sunday, June 6. Surely there was other pictures that they could have put on the front page that was appropriate."

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