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How can you keep hot foods hot?

June 08, 1999

Barbara Trumpower of Greencastle, Pa., posed this question to us:

"How can you keep hot foods hot when you're outside (for a picnic, reunion, etc.)?"

We're assuming that most picnic areas don't have outlets in which to plug slow cookers and other electric warming devices.

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Hot-food carriers can be purchased that come with their own casserole dishes inside. They have a packet that can be heated in the microwave and put in the bottom of the carrier to keep food warm, says Arnita Ernst, teacher of family and consumer sciences at Clear Spring High School.

Another possibility, if you only have to travel about 30 minutes to a gathering and will eat right away, is to take your food right out of the oven and set it on a board (possibly a wooden cutting board) in the bottom of an insulated cooler, Ernst says.


In a recent hint submitted to Heloise, a man from Perry, N.Y., wrote that he fills a medium-sized cooler with hot water. He drains it, then places a pot filled with mashed potatoes and a serving dish containing sweet potatoes inside the cooler and totes it to Thanksgiving festivities. He says the food stays warm for three hours.

- Meg H. Partington, Staff Writer

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