State hears Main Street suggestions

June 08, 1999

State hears Main Street suggestions

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg officials said a state meeting they attended last week to help the Maryland State Highway Administration improve its Main Street program went well.

The town ran into several problems during the year-long, $2.8 million renovation of its Main Street in 1997.

"They listened. They really wanted to know how we would improve it," said Town Councilwoman Denise Troxell.

Mayor George Kesler said the meeting was worth the trip to Hanover, Md., and that state officials will keep the town abreast of changes they make to the program.

Troxell said some of the changes have been made. From now on state officials will try to save every tree possible, she said.


Sharpsburg residents were in an uproar after the state's contractor, Driggs Corp., knocked down two of the town's best trees, Troxell said.

Kesler said he tried to impress upon state officials that they should have control over the contractor and not the other way around. The state should protect the town, he said.

Kesler said the State Highway Administration also has a plan to correct the drainage problem near the Jameses' house on West Main Street.

The Jameses have been having a problem with their sidewalk serving as a spillway for rain coming down West Main Street.

The solution may involve closing the new handicap accessible ramp, he said.

Park fence repair to cost thousands

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg Mayor George Kesler said it will cost $5,357 to repair the backstop fence at Crampton Park even though he's not sure who authorized the work.

High winds from a hail storm on May 8 blew the roof off the Little League dugout, sending it into the backstop fence of another ballfield.

Kesler said he called Horst Fencing for an estimate and found out later the company had been given authorization to proceed with the work.

The authorization did not come from him or Vice Mayor Sidney Gale, Kesler said during Monday night's Town Council meeting.

Kesler said he will find out who authorized the work before the town pays for the job. The insurance will only cover $1,000 of the cost, he said.

"I don't think the Little League should be authorizing repairs we're expected to pay for," Kesler said.

The town also has new basketball nets for the basketball court and expects to have the new playground equipment installed by the end of June, Kesler said.

Council to meet on second Monday

SHARPSBURG - The Sharpsburg Town Council will hold its next regular monthly meeting on Monday, July 12, at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

The meeting is usually held the first Monday of the month, but is being postponed because of the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Intern may archive

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg Town Council members said Monday night that Councilwoman Denise Troxell could pursue getting an intern to help organize the town's archives.

Troxell said she will contact colleges such as Hood College in an effort to find a student who is studying architectural history or preservation and might be interested in helping with the project.

She is looking for guidance on how to best preserve the donations to the town's archives collection.

Town to buy scanner

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg Mayor George Kesler said Monday night that the town will buy a $100 computer scanner that can used by the Town Crier to scan letters and submissions for the newsletter.

The scanner will be kept at Town Hall.

- Julie E. Green

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