Mail Call

June 08, 1999

"I am calling to give a message to Bob Maginnis. I have tried to send a letter to the editor about two months ago. I would like to know why it hasn't appeared in the paper yet. My number is 301-791-3767. May was Mental Health Awareness Month and I really needed it to be in there. I sent two letters in."

"Someone on June 2 found a Black Ponderainian and took her to the SPCA and the owners want to thank them very much."

"This is in reference to the court beat on page B2 on Thursday, June 3. Man pleads guilty of assault case. How come we don't have zero tolerance on wife beatings and certive killings. This judge here, how about zero tolerance on these judges who let these potential murderers go free. The Herald Mail should be preparing an obituary for this lady."

"My neighbor put a small wreath on her wall of the porch, when the robins flew in looking for a home, first thing they saw was the wreath on the wall and come to behold the robins made a nest. When the neighbors began to paint their home, they found the nest in the wreath with two small blue eggs, not having the heart to disturb them, that section of the house didn't get painted. The lady of the house is a first grade school teacher, keeping her class informed of each day's happenings. My neighbor now has a two-tone house with baby robin's in the nest and you know the rest."


"I would like to agree with the person who called in and said that there are too many cops in Hagerstown. I think that the cops should think about something else besides someone with different colored lights and loud stereos, they need to worry about someone who is robbing and killing people. These are important, not something trivial."

"I would like to congratulate WYII radio station's Rich Daniels who did the Walk For Cancer, 22 miles, from Martinsburg Radio Station to South Hagerstown High School for a great run. It takes a special kind of person to do a thing like that. Also to Bob who finished out with him at the end who suffered from cancer in the past. I and thousand's of others enjoy listening to the oldies and the new songs. Keep up the good work and we wish you good luck from a fan of GF, thank you."

"This is about the flags being left out at night with no light on the flags. There is still many of them hanging on homes in the dark. Let's respect our flag and country. The old song goes, 'this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..." Let's get the lights on the flags."

"I hope someone can help me. Some kids came around here, high school age kids, selling magazines on a point system. I don't know who they were selling them for and I was wondering if someone can call in and let me know. I hope that it wasn't some sort of scam and that it was some legitimate fundraiser. I called the two high schools and they didn't know what I was talking about and I felt kind of stupid that I didn't find anything out."

"The best joke of the day, Hillary Clinton as Senator for the state of New York."

"I want to thank The Herald Mail for its editorials and Tim Rowland for his columns. Without that combination, all we would know is what the local governments would want us to know."

"I am the one who has been complaining about the dog running loose and dumping on my lawn. Today the SPCA said that they can't do anything about it. They told me that it was ok for the dog to run loose and they would have to see it dumping on my lawn before they would do anything about it."

"I want to talk about Nursing Homes. I wish that they would have each resident have their own room, rather than share a room. When you get elderly and in your years, you should be able to enjoy your stay in the home and it would be so much nicer for privacy."

"I think that the SPCA should be reformed, a complete overhaul and a whole new staff employed and I think then we will get some results."

"There has been several complaints about the SPCA, is there something really going on out there? Who do they have to answer to?"

"I want to honor my mumzy Jane and tell all who is reading mail call, if you are fortunate to have a second mum, I hope she is just like mine. So caring, kind and gives from her heart, not asking for anything in return. She is always there to help and listen, no matter what. So I send you this message mumzy Jane, with love and thanks. If no one believes in angels, wrong you are because she is our angel among us and god sent one. God bless you and be with and thanks for being my other mother, I love you. Thanks mail call for giving so many people enjoyment for your printing of everyone that calls in."

"There was a time when a person was risking bodily harm when he got into a confrontation with someone who had a dog that caused another person problems."

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