thumbs up, thumbs down

June 04, 1999

Thumbs up!To the late William Brish, long-time superintendent of the Washington County schools, who brought the system into the modern area with new buildings and new ways of thinking.

Thumbs up!To Ashley Smith, a 13-year-old student from Springfield Middle School, for the hard work that took her to the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee. "Deuteragonist" tripped her up, but it would have stumped most.

Thumbs down!To President Bill Clinton, for launching a federal probe of whether video game makers market violence. And then let's spend some money to find out if milk really comes from cows.

To the Washington County government, for its proposal to give a $1,000 bonus to every employee. If money's so tight, and the commissioners had to scrape to find cash for the school system budget, how can they afford this?


Thumbs up!To the Washington County school system, for its plan to send its budget to the county commissioners earlier. If it prevents a $1.6 million surprise like we had this year, so much the better.

Thumbs down!To the three members of the Jefferson County Commissioners balking at paying for a portion of the salary for sheriff's deputy to patrol the high school. If one violent incident is prevented, it would be worth the $2,400 it will cost.

Thumbs up!To Coach Buddy Orndorff and the Smithsburg High School track team, for the work that won them a state title, for the fourth straight time. Give these kids a hand!

Thumbs up!To Lynn Bibbee and Sam's Club, for their drive to put security cameras into every Washington County high school. In the aftermath of the Columbine shootings, parents need reassurance that their children will be safe in school.

Thumbs down!To every talking head on TV demanding immediate answers as to why American Airlines Flight 1420 crashed in Little Rock, Arkansas, last Tuesday. Investigations take time.

Thumbs down!To the U.S. House of Representatives, for its proposal to increase its office spending by 7.5 percent next year. If these people can't hold their increase to the rate of inflation, then the difference should come out their own pockets.

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