Mail Call

June 04, 1999

"The City of Hagerstown should be ashamed of itself, trying to drag poor tired people downtown to go to college and drag them through the nightmare that the city has made of its streets. No parking, no access to the post office, no access to the drive-in mailbox out here on Potomac Street. It is an absolute horror on the streets of Hagerstown. But you have students at the end of their day who already have tolerated enough, have to come into that nightmare to go to college."

"It's time to fix a few things in Hagerstown, a friend was recently stopped for erratic driving, but was only avoiding bad manholes. Some are high and some are low, the worse one is where Wilson Boulevard meets Burhans Boulevard. Let's fix these, plus potholes, railroad tracks and some very rough areas of pavement."

"I think the Longmeadow Fire Company should be able to find enough land along Longmeadow Road or Paramount Road somewhere around there. So they can still have their carnival and not have to have it at the Long Meadow Shopping Center. People look forward to this carnival and really enjoy it."


"This is in regard to the former correctional officer that was sentenced to 18 months in jail for trying to bring illegal drugs into the prison. They caught him doing it, why in the world would they suspend him with pay?"

"I am applying to the same problem with the dogs. Yes, I have the same problem. At the Boonsboro Park, the dogs roam around almost as much as the people. You walk in it and you clean up your child or yourself and the next thing you know someone else has trampled in the same thing. So I think they should not be allowed to be let go like that. Nobody carries a scoop with them at all."

"This is concerning the dogs. It is not the dogs, it is the people who own them. Why can't they carry a little scoop and a bag when they walk their dog? Boonsboro is terrible for this, especially around the post office, the park, the laundromat. I am really tired of this."

"This is to Mayor Bruchey, could you tell my why except for political reasons and the underlying things as to why you are going to put the University of Maryland downtown? This is a political move. Now I don't know who is going to benefit the most from this, but you bet the next time, you are out!"

"The secret behind closed door meetings should never be. When God made Adam and Eve they hid nothing, it was all out in the open. So should our meetings."

"I would like to announce that on June 5, there will be a strawberry Festival and Crab Fair at St. John's Lutheran Church starting at 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Everyone is invited to come."

"To the Boonsboro Ambulance and Rescue Service, I went down to see the carnival. There were two groups you had there, they were Linda Lou and the Fabulous Four and Rick K and the All Nighters. I really enjoyed both of their concerts and I would like you to have them back next year. They were very, very good."

"Did anyone lose a Chrysler car key at the Boonsboro Carnival? Call 301-432-6196, describe the key chain and it's yours."

"We would like to thank The Herald-Mail for offering such a wonderful talent, such as Joe Crocetta, who is one of the staff photographers. He definitely has a lot of talent and certainly offers a lot to the newspaper and the surrounding community. Thank you very much Herald-Mail and thank you, Joe Crocetta."

"I am calling in regards to the card shows and sales at the Carlisle fairgrounds, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I would like to know the schedule for that, if anyone has that, would they please call Mail Call."

"This is to the person complaining about the permanent markers at the death scenes of someone who was killed in car accidents. I want to know one question, who did you kill or who do you know killed someone in a vehicle accident? If you don't know anyone who killed someone or anybody that was killed, then quit driving alltogether and quit complaining about the permanent plaques."

"I think that the mayor and council have gone too far. They hiked the cost for garbage service to $32 more a year."

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