Mail Call for 5/28

May 28, 1999

"How good it was to see in Tuesday's Lifestyle section the recognition and appreciation for our kind kids. It is time that we recognize more of these youths. It was really wonderful to read this and I hope you continue to recognize and give them the support they really deserve."

"I would like to wish my daddy a happy birthday on May 29. Love, Jesse and Crystal."

"Could someone tell me how to get rid of a cat smell? My neighbor has a slew of cats. They do their business along side of my house. We can't even sit out on our front porch in the evenings because of the stink from it. I called the health department and they couldn't help me. I was wondering if anyone knows what I could put along side of this house so that the stink wouldn't come in or we wouldn't smell it when we sat outside?"


"To Steve Sager. You are no longer the mayor so stay out of the business of the county and city. The University of Maryland Campus belongs at the Allegheny Power campus. It would stifle growth in downtown and eventually they will run out of room and the ability to grow and to succeed and will be hindered by being downtown. This is a situation that the city and county need to come to terms with, what is best for the community, and stop fighting amongst themselves because once again we will lose a valuable opportunity if we continue to fight amongst ourselves."

"I'm Ann and I am a volunteer at the Community Free Clinic. Thousands of people are given primary health care at the clinic who couldn't otherwise afford to go to a doctor. I hope that the county and the city feel that it is important enough to keep this service in order to serve the people who can't afford health care, by donating generously to keep the free clinic open as well as supporting the new clinic sponsored by the hospital."

"This is in reference to the Community Free Clinic. I am recently a student at the Hagerstown Business College. We do raffles and food sandwich sales. We donate all of our money and funding to the Community Free Clinic. I am a volunteer there on a daily basis and I see all the people that come in there that really need this clinic. To anybody planning to close the clinic, I hope, by God, for the kids' sake that they try to replace this clinic with another clinic that will provide home health and medicine for the needy families."

"This is about the Community Free Clinic. My understanding is that it has been there for 10 years, why destroy it now? It has done a lot of good for the community and also a lot of good for the taxpayers. There have been a lot of donations, whether it would be stuffed animals to money, even people volunteering one hour a week would help. I can't understand why somebody would destroy that. This is a great way for the parents to provide for their children. Please call in to Mail Call and voice your opinion. We would appreciate it."

"I would like to tell my two sons, Donald and Dallas, that I love them and miss them very much. Love, mom."

"I agree with the person who said the SPCA won't honor his complaint about a dog running loose and messing up his lawn. I can sympathize with that person and I welcome him to the club."

"As grandparents we would like to congratulate our grandson, Matthew, who is a clarinet player with the Boonsboro High School band, for a job well done at the Apple Blossom Parade and also the spring concert. Also, my grandson, Scott, who is a great soccer player. Recently he scored both goals for the Boonsboro Bombers and later three goals in another game. We are very proud of both of you and your accomplishments."

"When it comes time to vote, remember the Reagan administration put us where we are today with China. Since Reagan didn't want the satellites, we turned to China. We need to boycott Chinese products. They are making fools of us. Look at your products, nine chances out of 10, they were manufactured in China. We need to feed our people and bring manufacturing back to the United States. They, the Chinese, are being so aggressive to cover up all the spying they have done on our country for decades and we support them and feed their people by buying their products. The Chinese have a lot of nerve running the United States down. We need to stop buying their products and using their services."

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