Schilens quits Gaming Commission

May 26, 1999|By SCOTT BUTKI

Kathy Schilens, the only director the Washington County Gaming Commission has had, is leaving the position effective July 1.

She is moving to Cleveland, where she was born and raised and where her family lives, she said. She does not have a job there yet, she said.

Schilens has worked for Washington County since 1990. She made $31,465 last year, according to county records.

She went to work in 1990 as a secretary in the Washington County State's Attorney's office and in 1991 became an administrative secretary for the Washington County Housing Department.

She took the coordinator position in June 1995. The Washington County Gaming Commission was officially formed in July 1995, she said.


"I love my job. I've loved working with the Washington County Gaming Commission," she said.

She was involved in the inception of the commission and the establishment of its rules and regulations, she said.

The Gaming Commission distributes money to nonprofit organizations twice a year. The money comes from a percentage of profits from tip jar gambling that private clubs and taverns must pay.

"We have an excellent system in place," the result of much work and cooperation between businesses, the County Commissioners and the Maryland General Assembly, she said.

She is in charge of the administrative side of the commission, which collects and distributes tip jar funds. The commission members deal with any problems that occur, she said.

"She has done a great job," said Lou Thomas, commission chairman.

"I think Kathy did an excellent job. She was put in the middle of a very difficult situation because of the controversy when this first started. She has organized the office where it has become basically very efficient," Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook said.

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