Mail Call

May 24, 1999

"Hooray for Tim Rowland and his article about the Don and Mike Show at Barracuda's. He has a knack for hitting the nail right on the head so often about how back-woodsy Washington County and Hagerstown really is. I can't wait to see what he does with Bruchey's and the City Council's suggestion that the next University of Maryland campus be located in the Baldwin House complex in downtown Hagerstown. Where is everyone going to park?"

"We attended the sixth grade spring band concert at Western Heights on Tuesday evening. It was great. Thanks to everyone involved in teaching these young people. There were a lot of proud parents and grandparents among others attending this great concert. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future. We are very proud of you."

"I think that the ones who set out their trash a day or so ahead of time should be warned once and the second time be charged a $1 and a $1 more each time after that."


"People are so inconsiderate. They set their trash bags in the middle of the pavement instead of at the curb. Anyone walking by has to either step over them or go out in the road to get around them. This is just not right."

"The flowers being put on the streets and highways of the death scenes is not for the deceased person. It is for the person who put the flowers there to get attention. Spend the money on a loving child or grandparent or in memory of someone by giving to a worthwhile organization. Then it won't be money wasted."

"I am responding to the article in Mail Call. The SPCA does pick up dogs in the Boonsboro area. Take my word for it, they have mine."

"There's a sign on the road going over to the Halfway Park. It says Halfway Park Days. Is it Snook Park Days, Memorial Park Days, or Halfway? I'm not too sure, does anyone know?"

"I wanted to say thanks to my mail carrier Mark on West Howard Street. I think he does a great job, Thursday he had someone following behind him, so if someone could give him a raise, that would be great because he does a super job and he is so friendly."

"I wanted to say congratulations to the E. Russell Hicks seventh grade band for having a great year and for scoring an excellent in the state competition."

"I am responding to the articles in the paper on Thursday in Mail Call. One is about the SPCA not picking up dogs in Boonsboro. They probably would but once they get picked up they don't have a chance. I know, I have been that route with the SPCA. They are not what they make out they are."

"I would like to congratulate Katie for her 1999 citizenship award and all of the other students on a job well done. Keep up the excellent work, all of you."

"My comment is to the people who travel on Northern Avenue at the entrance of Long Meadow Shopping Center. If your light is red, please stop. People are trying to enter Northern or go across Northern. If you are running red lights and sitting in the middle of the intersection, they can't proceed. Once again, if you don't understand, when your light is red you are supposed to stop."

"To Mayor Bruchey. It's fine for you to give a building but where do the students park that is safe and well lit in that section of town? What would it cost the taxpayers to build parking spaces for University of Maryland students in downtown?"

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