Mail Call for 5/21

May 21, 1999

"Today is Thursday, May 19, and another school shooting is being shown on TV. The only question in all of our minds is why? What is happening to our youth today? What gives them the right to take it upon themselves to invade the security and welfare of their fellow students? Their punishment should be nothing less than a cell on death row!"

"I am calling about the flowers on Franklin and Winter streets. I feel that it is not an eyesore. You must not have had someone so sweet like Aleshia pass away. We would do anything for her. Putting the flowers on the grave or donating money to the little girl, well the little girl wants to have the flowers up there for her mother. If it is an eyesore to you, go another route."

"To the person who said that the flowers on the corner of Franklin and Winter was an eyesore. It broke my heart to read that someone would say something like that. It makes us feel so good to know that someone cares. If you don't like to look at the flowers, then go another way."


"I would like to say congratulations to Angie Rowe for being six months smoke free! That is a fantastic job, Miss Rowe. I applaud you for that, being a previous smoker. I quit the hard way when I went into surgery a couple of years ago. To do that on your own like that, my hat is definitely off to you. I had cravings and I actually did smoke one after the fact. I tried the temptation once and realized that I didn't miss it after all. I haven't picked one up since. You are doing a fantastic job and I wish more people could do it as well."

"This has to do with the controversy about the flowers being put on road sides and highways. It is not about having lack of respect, we are sorry that someone has died in a horrible accident. I too have lost someone in a car accident, but we can't go around just creating monuments wherever we feel like it on public and private property. It is not safe for the people to be stopping along the road to do this. I am not saying that it is an eyesore but it is like saying that I can't just erect a tombstone wherever I feel like it. Take them to their grave site. I am sorry that someone died in a horrible car accident but that doesn't give you the right to go laying flowers around wherever you feel like it."

"I am calling for the mom who is concerned about her 11-year-old son with the behavioral problem. I wanted to recommend something that just came to mind. I don't know if this is the answer but it could be two more avenues to success. There is a book called "Is This Your Child" by Doris Wrap and it is about food allergies. I don't know if the mom has looked into having the blood sugar checked because some of the things she has described can be triggered by a need for food or the right kind of food. I hope that this will give her two more avenues to look into. Good luck to the mom and her son."

"I am calling about the person who didn't like the fact that they were being charged the $3 by their long distance company. If they don't use any long distance at all, they can call Bell Atlantic and tell them to take them off any long distance company they are on. They will charge you a small fee of 56 cents a month. They can still receive long distance calls and when they want to make a long distance call, they will have to use these 10-10-321 or such and such numbers."

"I am proud of the E. Russell Hicks band in their recent concerts with the state competitions."

"To the mom of the 11-year-old son with behavioral problems. I understand your problem and frustration. I was in your position and believe me you will not get the help you need for your son until he breaks the law. Not just once but several times and then they will make you think that you haven't done enough to help him. The system stinks. They will tell you that there are so many other kids with problems worse than your son's. Kids should be helped at the onset of the problems instead of waiting until they are so far gone that we can't reach them. Then the state will be paying to feed and house these kids as adults. Mother, good luck with your 11-year-old son."

"I want to congratulate the Girls Club for a wonderful spring fling. Thanks to the helpers there. They did a wonderful job."

"Congratulations, Paul, for the fine performance that your musical group put on at Middletown Church last Saturday. It was spectacular and a lot of us thank you for it."

"Does anyone else besides myself see these truckers going down the highway at speeds of 80 mph or more. Mostly on I-70 going south or I-70 going north. I think it is time that the state of Maryland made a law that if the state police get three calls on any one trucker, that they can take that driver's license away. Who do I contact in regards to truck transportation in the state of Maryland? Will someone please call into Mail Call and let me know? The day that Mail Call is taken out of The Daily Mail is the day you can cancel my subscription."

"I think you should give Mail Call a new name. How about Church Call? Who needs to go to church on Sunday, just read Mail Call if you feel the need for a sermon."

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