Preserving family history for the next generation

May 20, 1999

Some of her students have thoughts of publishing their personal memoirs, but most want to write them for their children and grandchildren, says Myrtle Haldeman, who teaches "Writing Your Personal Memoirs and Experiences" at Hagerstown Community College's Institute for Learning in Retirement.

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Haldeman also started to write her memoirs for her family's next generations - five children and 10 grandchildren. But that story now is a book, "Thy Kingdom Come: A Journey of Faith." Haldeman is its co-publisher.

It's her second book: "Cassie: The Girl With the Hero's Heart," a novel for children, was published in 1997. It tells the story of an 11-year-old girl and her family in the months surrounding the Battle of Antietam. More than 5,000 copies of the book have been sold; that's not bad for an unknown, first-time author, Haldeman believes.

In "Thy Kingdom Come," Haldeman tells the story of her life, a life that started on a Maugansville farm 75 years ago today.


She writes that "seek first the Kingdom" became her life theme, and it took a lifetime for her to understand it. She believes that we always must be alert and look for the Kingdom of God in ourselves and others. It's having the bliss of heaven now, having God's blessings - spiritual or material - in this life, she believes.

"Thy Kingdom Come: A Journey of Faith" is available at the following:

* The Book Store, Etc. - 54 W. Washington St., Hagerstown; 301-797-8896

* Shepherd's Table -1580 Wesel Boulevard, Hagerstown; 301-791-7299

* Christian Light Bookstore - 17412 Valley Mall Road, Hagerstown; 301-582-0080

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