Analyst gets award for idea to save money

May 18, 1999

Doug OliverBy SCOTT BUTKI / Staff Writer

Doug Oliver, Washington County technical and support analyst, was honored Tuesday for finding a way to save Washington County about $81,000.

He received the Innovative Dedicated Employee Award from County Administrator Rodney Shoop during Tuesday's meeting of the Washington County Commissioners.

Oliver, 35, of Smithsburg, did not know he was going to get the award. When Shoop told him why he had asked him to step into the meeting, which was already in progress, Oliver began smiling and laughing.

Rather than replacing 96 county computers to avoid any problems with the so-called year 2000 bug, Oliver said he simply updated a portion of the computers and kept the monitors and keyboards.


The county saved $850 on each computer that was updated instead of being replaced, Shoop said.

Handing him the award, Shoop said, "Please put this on your wall and show it proudly."

"I will," Oliver promised.

Oliver was nominated by Computer Information Systems Director Ron Whitt.

"It was really great to be recognized," Oliver said later in a phone interview. He has worked for the county for almost 10 years.

"I want to say that sometimes the Computer Information Systems Department does not get recognized. I want to thank the whole department too," he said,

As recipient of the IDEA award, Oliver receives a $500 bonus and an extra day off.

The county started the IDEA program in 1997 to recognize employees whose service to the county resulted in new and innovative ideas that saved the county time and money.

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