City's nonunion workers to get raise

May 18, 1999

The roughly 125 employees of the City of Hagerstown who are not members of one of the unions will receive a 3 percent pay raise under a proposal accepted by City Council members on Tuesday.

Nonunion employees include all city department heads and their secretaries, other supervisors and assistant managers and some in technical positions, City Finance Department Director Al Martin said.

The pay raises will be effective Jan. 1, 2000.

The raises are part of the proposed fiscal year 2000 budget.

Council members are expected to vote to formally adopt the budget on Tuesday.

Raises for city employees belonging to one of four unions with which the city deals are set in negotiated contracts.

Two of the unions are engaged in contract negotiations that will affect pay raises for their members for the next fiscal year.

Members of the union representing city police officers are to receive a 5 percent pay raise effective July 1.


Members of the union representing some city Light Department workers are to receive a 4 percent pay raise as of July 1.

No council members objected to the pay increases when they were reviewed on Tuesday.

- Dan Kulin

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