Mail Call

May 18, 1999

"I think Mayor Bruchey is doing a great job, he is conscientious, he stays on top of things and gets things done. I am a Democrat not a Republican, but as far as Mayor Bruchey I think he is doing a great job and he will get re-elected even though he takes a lot of slashing in this column and I would like to see Mail Call disappear."

"I am 49 years old and I went to City Market with my grandparents since I was at a very young age and now I have a beef with a vendor at the market and I think it is terrible what they have done to the market master. If Mr. Bruchey would stop and think that this is why the former Mayor Sager hired a market master because of the problems before in the past. Now we have four people trying to run the show and it is ridiculous. I agree 100 percent about not having any closed door meetings, this is when they made their decision about the market master. Nobody could go in and try to save her job because it was a closed door meeting. What good is it to open the doors after the Mayor and council already made their decision. Mr. Bruchey stuck his foot out too far."


"Does anybody out their know of a paper back book called "Miranda" the author's last name is Miller, I don't know the first name. I had a hold of it the other day, it belonged to another person, and she said she got it in Pennsylvania and I thought maybe somebody would know if it was here in Hagerstown anywhere? Thank you and god bless you all."

"I absolutely have to have a comment on the gun control issue, our government and a lot of citizens of this country are trying to prevent the use of the ownership of firearms. The underlined reason is not the fact that guns kill people, people kill people, guns is not the only thing that kills people, any type of item that you pick up can kill people if you have the desire to kill somebody anything can kill."

"I think instead of doing a stadium, they should build something for the kids and don't complain about them being out on the street, give them something to do."

"This is to Tim Rowland and his article in the May 12 paper. Not all kids are annoying, just because you don't have any kids of your own, doesn't give you the right to put everybody else's kids down. Besides I'm sure you weren't a perfect kid growing up either. If kids bother you than move into the country where you don't have to have neighbors and you can write your column from your home. People like you make me sick, please don't have any kids, because you would not be a good parent."

"I heard about this thing Metric Fund, does anybody know what it is or when it starts, can you please call it in to Mail Call. Thanks Mail Call I read you everyday and the Obituaries."

"I just read in mail call where someone thought that the new Chief of Police should know as much about street level police work as Chief Jones knew about police administration. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a Chief of Police that knew a little about both?"

"This is to the person who received a nice $1,000 bonus, only to have 1/3 of it taken off in taxes. I received a nice $1,000 bonus also and I received approximately $720 after taxes. The saddest part for me was I found out that our supervisors get a $13,000 bonus based on the work that we have done."

"Just read the paper the other day and noticed that the local Correctional Institutions had the Employees of the Year in the paper and I noticed that not one of the food service employees made the grade, I guess that they aren't that important. The inmates get more respect than they do. They can't even get the right rank for those food service people. I am glad I am retired."

"I hesitated to call, I remember my mother said 'the more you stir it, the worse it stinks' but some of our so called Christian readers only read mail call, would never read the American Medical Journal, I had to reply. Thanks for your informative article on Rev. Robert Griffin and the courage of his friends. Please don't pull the plug."

"The article on yard sales in Sunday was good. You missed the most important fact that you need to know an observe, is that if you can't provide the safe, sufficient parking you should think about using someone else's property or holding your yard sale somewhere else. Yard sale drivers make quit turns, without signals and they park illegally and cause problems for motorists. So make the parking the number one rule for yard saling."

"I witnessed an individual who is not a lady in my opinion, make fun of a physically disabled woman who is short and called her derogatory slang in reference to her disability. This has to stop, people need to treat people with respect, I witnessed the whole event. To the individual who did this you are nothing but trash."

"In the Shafer Park in Boonsboro there is a new well and close to it is a place to dump motor oil and antifreeze, which could get into the well. Also there is a water fountain in the park where people have to drink from and everybody's mouth touches it."

"I am calling about the disciplining of your child. I think all the parents here and in every state can thank the government and the legislator for not being allowed to spank your child. That's what is wrong with the world today, it not the world, it is the people who live in the world. When the government and the legislator come down on you on how and when you can discipline, a good old fashioned rear end whipping never hurt nobody, like the bible says. 'Spare the ride and spoil the child' That's what's wrong with a lot of the youth today, because they know that if you touch them, if you do they will have the law on you. Thanks to the legistors and the government."

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