Tele-Plus won't leave city


Tele-Plus Corp.'s headquarters and 40 jobs will stay in Washington County, thanks to the company's purchase of a building and land in the Hagerstown Industrial Park, a company executive said Monday.

"We're not taking them out of the area," said Executive Vice President Michael L. Dickerson.

The escalated cost of leasing its current facility, at 140 Western Maryland Parkway, and a need for more space had prompted the company to scout other sites within 30 minutes of Hagerstown, Dickerson said.

Washington County's central location in the company's sales and service region and the cost savings of the building's utility hookups weighed the decision to stay in the county, he said.

Tele-Plus Corp. paid "less than $1 million" for a little over two acres with an existing building shell, which can accommodate 20,000 square feet of office and warehouse space, Dickerson said.


The company doesn't have a final estimate on the cost of finishing the interior of the building to its specifications, he said.

The 40 saved jobs include technician, administrative, sales and administrative support positions, Dickerson said.

The company is expanding, but is having difficulty finding qualified people for its technician and sales openings, he said.

The company, which started in Washington County in 1977, sells and supports communication products, like telephone systems, and alarm systems, does the cabling for new buildings and integrates computer and telephone systems.

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