Thumbs up, thumbs down

May 14, 1999

Thumbs up!To Pangborn School in Hagerstown, for its help in installing playground equipment as a memorial to the late Michael Crabill, so he'll be remembered with a smile.

Thumbs up!To Ira P. Kauffman Jr., a former Hagerstown councilmember, for challenging the current council's decision to cut this year's city budget in secret. How can you ask people to let you spend their tax money if you don't trust them?

Thumbs up!To the Washington County School Food Service, for joining a food co-op that will give students a more varied menu and save the system an estimated $70,000 to $100,000 per year.

Thumbs up!To Ted and Vicki Bodnar, members of downtown Hagerstown's neighborhood association, for getting involved and pushing the city to clean up the streets as part of an ongoing revitalization effort. Good job, folks!


Thumbs up!To Bernie Noe and Grace Snively, two Washington County volunteers whose service to elementary schoolchildren and prison inmates won them Governor's Service Awards.

Thumbs down!To the Chinese government, for its hypocritical orchestration of anti-American demonstrations in the wake of the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia. We hope those kids aren't fooled into believing they're living in a democracy.

Thumbs up!To Trinity Lutheran Church in Arden in Berkeley County, for holding a fund-raiser at 7 tonight to raise cash for the Doctors Without Borders relief effort in Kosovo.

Thumbs up!To the Hagerstown City Council, for wisely deciding not to trim trash collections to once a week. Now let's crack down on those who put bags out days before a pick-up, so that gunk runs onto the sidewalk, drawing bugs and other critters.

Thumbs up!To the Williamsport Mayor and Council, for agreeing to work with historian Pat Schooley on a plan to save the Springfield Farmhouse for future generations.

Thumbs up!To Chambersburg, Pa., Mayor Robert Morris, for deciding that if "zero tolerance" law enforcement is good enough for Ward Three, it's good enough for the entire borough. We hope residents feel that way, too.

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