Mail Call

May 13, 1999

"Who likes to deal with child support? No one, right? Well, if you talk to Pam or Cindy in the Customer Service Unit you won't mind dealing with them again. These two ladies really know their jobs. Cindy and Pam know how to talk to people. They do not belittle or put down people. I now know who is there to pick up a paycheck and who is really there to help the people. Keep it up, Pam and Cindy, you are doing a terrific job."

"I wanted to congratulate Chief Jones on your new job. I don't blame you for getting out when the getting is good. You have done a really great job. The best you could without any support."

"Congratulations to the MCI Employees of the Year. However, I would like to make a correction. They are not called officers, they are guards working for MCI. A guard is a person on sentinel duty with the purpose being to defend or protect an officer who is in charge of police duties or position of authority or command in our Armed Forces."


"Every night when I come home from work I drive on Burkridge drive in the Crestview development in Boonsboro. There are always a bunch of teenagers playing basketball in the street in front of one of the kids' home. They will not move out of the way. They always make the cars go on the wrong side of the road. The parents just sit there and do nothing. Now what kind of respect is this?"

"I just read the new guidelines for Mail Call in the evening paper and I like them."

"I liked the article in the paper about the homosexual community. If people who are homosexual don't find that objectionable, then I don't either and it lets us know about our fellow citizens. I am straight and I am a mother."

"I find it very amusing that the Clinton administration plans to close the door on our nuclear military secrets after the horse is out of the barn."

"How can we the American people expect the Chinese government to accept an apology from a man, President Clinton, who has never apologized before in his life?"

"May we please have a fast-food restaurant in Williamsport?"

"This is to the Red Devils North High team. I am very proud of you guys. You had an excellent season and you made me proud. Good luck to you guys in the future."

"I don't know how they can protest The Herald-Mail for having a story about homosexuals on Mother's Day. Homosexuals do have mothers, too. They are all a part of this community. Like it or not, we are here to stay and let's not forget that we have parents that love us."

"I think the Board of Education should give the lunch aides a raise. I am a parent and I go to a certain school and they work their tails off and I think they deserve a raise with all the extra money the board has left over."

"I would like to thank the person who stole our lawn mower off West Side Avenue. I am so thankful to you guys that my dad will now have to buy a new lawn mower because that one is totally junk and it doesn't even work and you went through all that trouble to steal it."

"How sad I was to see that mothers were protesting outside The Herald-Mail because they ran a story about homosexuals on Mother's Day. Seems like out of all the days of the year, that would be a great day to run it. Mothers are forgiving and loving. I am a mother and I love my child. I would love my child no matter what. If my child came home and told me that they were gay, I would love them anyway. It's time to stop living our lives by this great book that has been thrown in front of us which was written by men, not God. There are homosexuals and straight people in this world. We have to learn to live with that and stop hating. What happened in Colorado was a form of hate. What these mothers are protesting is a form of hate also. Learn to love people for who they are and stop trying to change them by some book that was written hundreds of thousands of years ago, and written by men, men, mere mortals."

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