Mail Call

May 10, 1999

"I have a few things to tell Mail Call. First, please don't take it away. I love it, especialy for putting birthdays in the paper. Second, as far as garbage is concerned, if they don't put it out a few days ahead of time, they can get by with once a week pickup because I do. Please keep Mail Call going, I love it."

"I am opposed for paying for the mayor's and council members' free meals and dinners. After all, do all the people who volunteer on the PTAs, CACs in the schools and in the community that often have meetings over into dinner time get anything? Do they have their meals paid for? No, I don't think so. Let's not be paying for their meals either."

"I have a question for the mayor and fire inspectors. When you made a visit to Head Start School on North Street did you ever look at the people outside on the north side of the school smoking and all the butts on the ground right up against the school? Remember, this building has children in it, too, or was it just overlooked because of the location? You see them at 7:20, 8:05, 9:30, 9:45, 11:15 a.m., 12:30, 1:30, 2:05 and 3:45 p.m. These are facts, check it out, and we as taxpayers and who have children in that school, deserve to know why this is overlooked when our mayor and fire inspectors inspect this school? Thank you kindly."


"I would like to know why they are putting all of that money into Hagerstown Community College when they could save it for the four-year college."

"This is to the residents of Sharpsburg, we still have someone stealing flowers from the graves. I recently had a new arrangement taken from my dad's grave. I frequently visit this grave and I hope I don't catch you taking anything. There is a day coming that you will have to answer for your deeds."

"Tim Rowland's column on the fire and rescue policy was great. It has caused me to ask this question, does the county government monitor how and on what the fire companies spend the tax revenues and the gaming revenues they receive from the county?"

"I'd just like to say to all those people out there who don't like Mr. Bartlett. He is going to be in there until he retires. No Democrat is going to beat him because there is not one in this county that people like well enough to elect over him. Get used to it, fellows and ladies, and quit calling in about Mr. Bartlett and find someone else to pick on."

"Why is Hollywood programming our children to kill?"

"This is only a comment. I think all the schools should keep all the bomb threats and other bad things out of the newspaper. A lot of these kids are just going to get out of school. Tell the police and let them handle it. Leave it out of the newspaper and any other media."

"This is to the president. I think it was wrong for the president to bring the refugees into the United States at Fort Dix. We have enough homeless people and hungry children that the government doesn't care about. What are they going to do, give these refugees money to start a business and a home? They don't give that to the people who live in the United States. We have to work for ours."

"This is Teacher Appreciation Week. If you can read this, thank a teacher."

"This is in response to the person who said 'you should be ashamed of yourself for not sending your child to school on Monday, and for the teachers not showing up.' Well, I'm sorry, but the way I see it, the threats were made and the teachers and parents used their best judgment and kept the kids home. If they do throw a bomb in the school, you can replace the school and other things that go in there, but there's no way you can ever replace one of your children or one of those teachers. So yes, I do take those bomb threats very seriously and maybe you haven't had the daylight scared out of you. Well, maybe you should so you can have a touch of reality because life does go on and the children do get worse and even the adults are getting bad these days. So maybe we should go back to the good old hanging judges and let people start paying for their crimes. Stop worrying about people throwing cigarette butts on the ground, and when they kill somebody, you give them death. Maybe we should go back to the good old days, then maybe we wouldn't have so much crime or us parents wouldn't be afraid to send our children into school."

"Students in Washington County took their writing test in the fall this past year. Where are the results of all the schools and a summary of how our county did? The test scores are in and the students have the reports but why isn't it in the newspaper?"

"This is to the person who called about the fire on Pope Avenue because of all the people that helped weren't named, I just wanted to know what she did?"

"I am calling about the three men that have been released. Why are we calling them P.O.W.s? There is no war."

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