Thumbs up, thumbs down

May 07, 1999

Thumbs up!To all of the school officials, police and fire/rescue personnel who've been alert for any problems in the schools in the wake of the shootings in Littleton, Colorado. Thank you.

Thumbs up!To Washington County Circuit Court Judge John McDowell, for sentencing a 14-year-old who threatened to bring guns and bombs to his school to 30 days at Noyes detention center. Hopefully, he'll learn something.

Thumbs up!To the Town of Waynesboro, Pa., for raising the money to renovate Bourns Cabin, the town's oldest structure, built in 1790 and used as both a schoolhouse and a community church.

Thumbs up!To the Washington County Commissioners, for squeezing another $520,000 out of their budget for the school system, which is now reorganizing itself according to a strategic plan written with the help of many citizens.


Thumbs up!To the U.S. Army, which has agreed to allow residents of the Cascade, Md. area limited access to Fort Ritchie to walk the post roads for exercise and recreation. Thanks.

Thumbs up!To the Hagerstown City Council, for spending time worrying about whether taxpayers should pay for the sandwiches council and staff eat during work sessions. Members who don't want to bill the citizens should just brown-bag it.

Thumbs up!To Sam Baker and Brent Ahalt, who interrupted their Hagerstown-area fishing trip to help evacuate people from a burning Pope Avenue apartment building.

Thumbs down!To the University of Maryland, for its study which found that children whose parents closely supervised them were less likely to engage in risky behavior. How many studies do we need of the obvious, and at what cost?

Thumbs up!To the Fahrney-Keedy Home in Boonsboro, which is providing an apartment to a couple who lost their home in a gas explosion on April 22. This employer has a heart.

Thumbs up!To rural and city letter carriers in the Waynesboro, Pa. area, who are running their eighth annual food drive, to beef up area non-profits' drive to provide food for the indigent and other hungry community residents.

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