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Mail Call

May 07, 1999

"I would like to make a comment to the residents of Smithsburg. Do you realize how trashy it makes our town look when you set your trash out at noon the day before pickup and let your trash cans sit out two days after? Let's have pride in our town and set it out at dusk the night before pickup and take cans in early after it has been picked up. We could have a nice town if it didn't look so trashy with empty cans on curbs for several days."

"I would like to answer the person who put in the paper about Clinton answering to Congress. The reason he should answer to Congress is so he won't become the dictator that he is trying to be."

"Let me give you some more directions about the beautiful Dogwood trees. Come to Boonsboro down Md. 67, turn on Netz Road and there is where the beautiful Dogwood trees are, around this nice lady's house. They are so beautiful."


"There is one thing that bugs me. I don't care to read about all of this God stuff. If there is one thing that makes me mad is them saying 'God will take care of the criminals.' Yeah right, but in the meantime, we are going to handle them in our own way."

"This is Teacher Appreciation Week and I would like to thank all the teachers at Fountain Rock Elementary School for all of their love, dedication and support that they give their students. Thank you very much, you are appreciated more than you know."

"This is a comment about the Pony League. I think it is great how they keep it well maintained and the upkeep on it. I was just wondering why nobody has made the opening where you get in and out of wider so people can go in and out at the same time because it is such a bad place to turn in there."

"This is concerning the four- way stop at the corner of Marshall Street and Stratford Avenue. Ninety percent of the vehicles that travel Marshall Street do not stop. One day, God forbid, there will be a horrible accident and someone will get hurt or killed. Someone needs to slow these vehicles down and make them stop at the signs."

"All of you parents who are letting your child stay home because of these so-called bomb scares are just feeding into their fears."

"Please reconsider cutting back mixed paper and trash collection."

"I am calling about the cutting back of trash collection. I can't believe that the same town that is worried about a cigarette butt on the street is going to leave trash sit out on the streets for a whole week."

"Hi D.J., this is your mother. I wanted to let you know how proud I am of you for reading the newspaper every day. I am just leaving this little message in here and I hope you see it. Love, Mom."

"Congratulations Rose, you have done a really good job at the Mount Aetna Seventh-day Adventist School this year. We hope that you will have another successful year. You are the best teacher we ever had there in the upper grades. Thanks again and have a good day."

"Please keep our garbage collection to twice a week, especially for sanitary reasons. If garbage has to sit around for a week, the odor becomes offensive and draws bugs, mice, rats and so forth, which in turn causes medical problems. Please reconsider, don't let this happen."

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